Yasin Malik arrested by police, JKLF condemns arrest

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By Fast Kashmir on 20/04/2018.

Yasin Malik arrested by police, JKLF condemns arrest


JKLF chairman bereaved, his friend and personal doctor, Sajad Reshi is no more…

His selfless personality, love and affection for Kashmir and Kashmiris and his philanthropy will always be remembered // M Yasin Malik

Srinagar, 20 April:  chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik has been arrested by police early morning today. Police cordoned his residence at Maisuma early today, arrested him and shifted him to Police station Kothibagh. Demise of Doctor Sajad Reshi is a big loss to the whole Kashmiri nation and in him we have lost a selfless friend and invaluable human being.

Famous cardiologist, doctor, intellectual and humanist doctor Sajad Reshi has left for heavenly abode. After battling with deadly disease cancer for more than one year, he today breathed his last. Incarcerated JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik received the news of his demise at police station Kothibagh where police lodged him after arrest.

While paying rich tributes to Doctor Sajad Reshi, JKLF chairman said that today he has lost a selfless brother, a close friend, a caring doctor and a prudent adviser who in hot and cold weathers stood firmly behind him and cared about his health and wellbeing. Doctor Sahib’s demise is a personal loss and today I feel like going orphan again, Said Yasin Malik.

Recalling his selfless personality, his love and affection for Kashmir and Kashmiris and his philanthropy, JKLF chairman said that Doctor Sajad Reshi was living a prosperous life in England for decades. He was respected as a successful doctor, a prolific teacher and a great humanist there but the love and affection of his Nation, Kashmir, never faded away from his heart and mind and this love brought him back to his mother land and till his demise motivated him to serve his fellow countrymen and provided them selfless medical care . JKLF chairman said that the humbleness and expertise in the field of medicine possessed was unique and everyone whom he treated will admit that his smiling face healed him much more than the medicines.

While praising his resilience and firm stand on the freedom of Jammu Kashmir, JKLF chairman said that though he was never interested in politics but when it came to take stand on political status of Jammu Kashmir, he in unequivocal terms stood with freedom and resistance. This is why he while in England got close to JKLF founder Marhoom Aman Ullah Khan and even met Lord Mount Batten and delivered Aman sahibs Book “free Kashmir” to him.

JKLF chairman said that during his stay in England days, doctor sahib used to visit Kashmir on regular basis, organize medical care camps in far off villages and towns and treat poor and destitute free. JKLF chairman said that today we have lost this great son of soil and this loss in every respect and manner is a national loss for Kashmiris. While praying for his heavenly abode, JKLF chairman expressed solidarity with his widow, his friends and well-wishers who always stood by him during good and bad weathers.

Meanwhile condemning the arrest of JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik, a JKLF spokesman has said that arresting JKLF chairman and putting him behind bars has become a routine matter for so-called rulers and their police. It has become a new normal for police to incarcerate JKLF chairman every now and then and even if some frog gets cold or wind blows faster than usual, Yasin sahib is immediately arrested and put behind the bars. He said that ironically this police practice is continuing and in fact has worsened after the recent announcement of director general of police who had claimed to provide space to political activities and freedom to JRL leadership. He said that apparently spineless rulers and their authorities are such scared of resistance leadership and their popularity among masses that they find no courage to allow them any space and feel only safer to cage them every now and then. Not only leadership, resistance activists and youth are being terrorized, incarcerated under black laws like PSA and 13 unlawful activities act on daily basis which in respect undemocratic, arbitrary and unethical and people who practices such oppression should feel some shame while calling themselves democrats and champions of peace, added JKLF.