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By Fast Kashmir on 13/04/2018.

Your Words Are Energy – Choose Them Wisely



Published on 13 Apr: We need orators like Martin Luther king.Pyschologists say there is energy in words and choose words wisely.I recently came through Martins speech,thestrong musicality of Martin Luther King Jr.’s rhetoric is perhaps just as recognizable as the words “not be judged on the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Martin Luther King drew inspiration from Shakespeare, the bible, his own past speeches, and numerous civil rights thinkers to write his “I Have a Dream” speech, one of the most famous of all time. it was like there is adrenaline rush in my blood.It is not about the facts you forward but how you colour the facts with postive energy.

My dear heroes let the words gush out from the deep holes of your heart, your mouth is a pellet gun  use it, every word you speak out should blow like tear gas,smoke of words should bring tears from eyes,use your finger like Hitler did in his speeches,rotate the axis of every heart with this finger,shoot the thoughts ,blind the eyes,slaughter the heads, cut the legs with the power of your words.Use the bucket of your heart and fill it with pain of mothers who lost their sons for the sake of this sacred land ,fill it with the pain of sisters who were raped ,be the voice of those  who are oppressed in jails, let the bridle of your words activate the horse of mens heart.Use your eyes and let the bullets flow from eyes.

The best orator is one who  translates pain and crytalllise the hearts into pieces.There is something mysterious in words when we put them in rhymes,it is like every beat of heart wants to kiss and flow with words but when uttered from a tongue that is as sharp as knife and heart as emphatic as saints.I listened to many lectures but it was something like, dead metaphors coming out from pharynx and resting on my head and not digested by heart.

As you sow so shall you reap but this adage has an internall effect; the words your subconscious mind affirms so will be the effect of their energy onto your body.

My dear heroes you cannot learn oratory in your houses as Malcolm x said ” without knowledge you cannot go anywhere in the world”.Winston Churchill, who had taken over as prime minister just a month prior, delivered his famous “Our Finest Hour” to a country bracing itself for full-scale attack. In 1953, Churchill was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, in part for his speeches, which he wrote himself.

In his history of World War II entitled “The Storm of War,” Andrew Roberts writes:

“Winston Churchill managed to combine the most magnificent use of English — usually short words, Anglo-Saxon words, Shakespearean. And also this incredibly powerful delivery. And he did it at a time when the world was in such peril from Nazism, that every word mattered.”

Hitler was well aware that mastering the art of public speaking was crucial to his political career. He wrote all of his speeches himself, sometimes editing them more than five times. He practiced his facial expressions and gestures, and he was adept at interweaving metaphor and abstract ideas into his speeches about political policy.

Let me conclude with the

couplet of Allama Iqbal

” Dil se jo baat niklte hai asar rakhti hai par nai taqte parvaz magar rakhte hai”

Syed Haseeb Andrabi is Pursuing M.A in English literature at Kashmir University.