23 year old boy claims to built a Robot in Anantnag 

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By Fast Kashmir on 19/05/2018.

23 year old boy claims to built a Robot in Anantnag 
Anantnag, May 19: While most of the young boys of his age are just hankering, here he is up all day and night in his lab experimenting and innovating! His hard work and passion have helped him to make these successful inventions! Let’s meet the young genius Naik Qayoom who hails from Kreeri Dooru and his team.
“I have lot of experimenting ideas, me and my five member team wanted to invent something unique. We collected money just like a cricket team in Kashmir (when they collect money before the tournament match for fee) same me and my five members young boys team collected money for objects to make any innovation,” said Qayoom to KNB
An innovator, a software developer and a teacher, Qayoom has a lot of achievements in his kitty and he makes sure he learns something new every day.
At the age of 12 Qayoom invented ‘Fieldhelper’, a kind of a wooden box, which can be used for thinning of paddy saplings in waterlogged farms.
23-year-old Naik Qayoom hails from Kreeri village of Dooru, Anantnag inclined towards science and experiments right from his childhood days.
He adds –“When I was in class 6 I did my first innovation ‘Fieldhelper’ It is a kind of a wooden box, which can be used for thinning of paddy saplings in waterlogged farms.”
A Class 12 non-medical student, Qayoom has now formed ‘Shining Star Innovation Club’, a place where he not only does his own experiments for innovations but a platform for aspiring innovators, who does not have space and equipment. Qayoom wants Government support and a single Lab where he and his team want to experiment something new.
“I established my own science club namely ‘Shining Star Innovation Club’, where I gathered students from high schools and higher secondary schools, with the passage of time many students joined his club. Till 2018, my club recently got registered with Vigyan Prasar, an autonomous organization under Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, which is meant for fostering science clubs throughout India.”
Talking to KNB he said that his two prominent innovations are Envocleaner and Biwinnower plus Electric Generator. “Envocleaner is an air purifier that cleans industrial gases, like methane, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide by absorbing them. Bicycle Biwinnower Plus Electric Generator can be used for winnowing husk from grains by pedalling cycle continuously which in turn generates electricity as well,” said Qayoom.
He stated -“My big achievement was when I received awards at IIT Dehli and also I received several awards in various science awareness competitions in J&K.”
Recently Qayoom invented a Robot, the robot walks on a black mark, the Robot catches Qayooms Voice and he control robot on his mobile device.
Regardless of these innovations, Qayoom is currently working on Sowing Machine, rice separation machine, fertilizer spreading machine, bag security, apple taking machine; His main idea is to help farmers and common workers by his innovations.”
When I did my first innovation, my parents didn’t support me. They told me ‘instead of wasting time, concentrate on studies’. ‘In frustration, I destroyed my first innovation,” said Qayoom.
Qayoom and his five member team working hard are determined to move ahead. (KNB)