Asiya, Nelofar Remembered: family, civil society stage sit in at Srinagar

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By FK WEB DESK on 29/05/2018.

Asiya, Nelofar Remembered: family, civil society stage sit in at Srinagar

Srinagar, May 29: On 29th May 2009, when two young women went to their apple orchard at Bongam, Shopian didn’t come back to home. Next Morning the dead bodies were found at a place Ramblara deepy wounded, their clothes in tatters. The locals allege that they had been raped and murdered by the Indian forces present in the area.

It has been 9 years since and justice is yet to be delivered in the case of Asiya and Nelofer It goes wthout saying that the Justice’ is a myth in Kashmir because of the Impunity to government forces. It is not only Shopian rape and murder case but hundreds of women have been sexuaity assauted molested by Indian Forces and every time the case was hushed up by one or the other Indan investigation agencies. These cases will ałways remain a dark bolt on the face of democratic’ India. Ever since the beginning of the armed struggle Kashmir has remarkably high incidence of violence in general and the rape of Kashmiri women by security forces in particular.
Rape is used as a means of targeting women whom the security forces accuse of being militant sympathisers. In raping them, the security forces are attempting to punish and hurmiliate community Rape in Kashmir is not the result of a few indisciplined soldiers, but rather an active strategy of Indian forces to humiliate, intimidate and demoralise the Kashmiri people. This is evidenced by the fact that a number of the raped women had been raped in front of their own families, their own husbands, and their own children.
In the recent incident of Major Gogol a proven war criminal who ted an innocent Kashmiri man to the boot of his jeep as a human shield and was rewarded shows the mind set of these men in uniform. The case against him whether proven or not clearty denotes a pattern of sex trafficking under the patronage of the armed forces. The govemment forces represent an arrogant state who can get away with anything.
This comes close at the heels of one of the most gruesome incident of rape and murder, that is the minor girl in Kathua has shaken the colective conscience of the Kashmiri people. The involvement of polioe and an SPO in that case substantiates our claim that presence of armed forces in Kashmir and their medding in civilian localites is source of extreme nuisance.
We at Kashmir Soldarity forum demand these shametud incidents should probed by impartial international agencies. We are keeping a watch on the Kathua case and the investigation into Major Gogols case. We are wary of the past when nothing has happened even after detailed nvestigations have taken place. Yet, we are assertive in our demand that stringent punishment should be given to the culprits in Kathua case, and those members of Indian forces who are involved in Shopian, Kunan Poshpora and 100’s of sexual assaut cases.