Blood bath in Shupian is yet another confirmation of ongoing Indian terrorism in Kashmir. Malik

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By Fast Kashmir on 06/05/2018.

Our young ones are being trampled by Indian occupation mercilessly. Pro-India politicians who are abetting and ordering this genocide will surely face divine retribution for this callousness //incarcerated JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik

Srinagar, 6 May:  Today’s blood bath in Shupian is yet another confirmation of ongoing Indian terrorism in Kashmir. Our young ones are being trampled by colonial India with the help of its puppets but these Pro-India politicians and people who are abetting and ordering this genocide will surely have to face divine retribution for their callousness. This was stated by the incarcerated chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik who along with zonal president Noor Muhammad Kalwal continues to remain in police custody at police station Kothi-bagh. It is pertinent to mention that police today arrested JKLF distrct president Ganderbal Bashir Ahmad Rather (Boya) along with Mushtaq Ahmad Wani (Koreg), Assad ullah Shah and Mushtaq Ahmad Rather at Ganderbal and detained them at a police station. JKLF organizers Siraj Ud din Mir and district president Baramullah Abdul Rashid Magloo is also languishing at kotbalwal jail under PSA.

Terming today’s blood bath at Shupian and other places as yet another confirmation of ongoing Indian state terrorism in Jammu Kashmir, JKLF incarcerated chairman said that our hearts are bleeding and souls perforated on watching our kith and kin being butchered mercilessly by Indian colonial forces. He said that the blood of four Kashmiris including martyr Adil Ahmad who was crushed under a police vehicle, martyr Showkat Ahmad Tak and martyr Fayaz Ahmad Hamal is still wet as the news of many other Kashmiri youth including unarmed youth Asif Ahmad Mir, Sajad Ahmad Rather, Zubair Ahmad,Yasir Ahmad, Adil Bashir,Nisar Ahmad along with martyr Saddam Hussain Padder, martyr Touseef Ahmad Sheikh, martyr Adil Ahmad, martyr Bilal Molvi, and martyr professor Muhammad Rafiq Butt who had left home only three days back and embraced martyrdom today is tarnishing the hearts and souls of Kashmiris. This is a clean genocide which occupational forces, police and other agencies are perpetrating and which is ordered by Indian leaders and abetted and facilitated by their Kashmiri stooges in the form of so-called PDP led regime, assembly members and the opposition. JKLF jailed chairman said that our kith and kin are first being denied any political space, pushed to the wall and then butchered in cold blood by colonial forces and those conscience sellers who for the lust of supremacy can stoop to any low are enjoying the corridors of power without any regret or remorse of this genocide. JKLF chairman said that we the helpless, stateless and subjugated people of Jammu Kashmir are being forced to take body bags of our kith and kin, our fathers are being forced to shoulder the coffins of their sons and mothers and sisters are being forced to mourn on their loved ones but the tyrants and their supporters should know that from Pharaoh to Hitler every tyrant and oppressor had to taste the fruits of their cruelty and time is not far when India and its abettors will also have to face the divine law of retribution and answer for their crimes against humanity in Jammu Kashmir. JKLF chairman said that the nation of Kashmir is indebted to these great martyrs who are happily sacrificing their today for our better tomorrow. How can the blood of innocent youth, scholars, gallant warriors and professors go waste and how can this nation forget about these priceless sacrifices, said JKLF chairman. While paying tributes to all martyrs who embraced martyrdom from last 24 hours, JKLF chairman prayed for the early recovery of hundreds who have been hit by Indian bullets and pellets from yesterday. He also has expressed solidarity with all the effected and bereaved families.

Meanwhile two JKLF delegations visited the families of martyrs in Srinagar and Shupian and expressed solidarity with them. A delegation led by Zonal organizer Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri along with Ghulam Muhammad Dar visited the families of martyrs Adil Ahmad and Fayaz Ahmad Hamal and paid tributes to these martyrs. Another JKLF delegation comprising of Muhammad Ayub and others participated in funeral prayers of many martyrs at Shupian today and paid homage to them.