Civilian killings unacceptable, have become intolerable: Mubarak Gul

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By Fast Kashmir on 05/05/2018.

Civilian killings unacceptable, have become intolerable: Mubarak Gul


Expresses sympathy with family of slain Srinagar youth

Srinagar, May 05: Senior national conference leader and MLA Eidgah Mubarak Gul on Saturday slammed the state dispensation over launching a tirade of killings in Kashmir, stating that such a ruthless use of force was never witnessed in the state ever before.
In a statement issued to KNS, the former speaker of the legislative Assembly, Mubarak Gul said the killings of innocent people have become a new norm in Kashmir and the forces have been given free hand to unleash a reign of terror. He added that the way in which human rights abuses are witnessing new heights in the state is reflective of the fact that there hasn’t been any serious action taken by the government to rein in the forces and take any reconciliatory measure that would have ensured peace and stability in the state.
Expressing sympathy with the family of the civilian killed in Srinagar on Saturday, Gul said that the heart goes out to find the young ones being massacred in streets with state government acting as a mute spectator to such a mayhem.
Demanding stern punishment to the people involved in such a gruesome act, Gul said it is high time for the government to understand that it cannot go one with the policy of cold blooded murders of the innocent people of Kashmir.
Gul while demanding a thorough and credible probe into the killing of the civilian, said the greatest compensation to the family of the victim shall be the stern and exemplary punishment to the culprits of such a heinous crime. (KNS)