“Educational institutions sans infrastructure in Chenab Valley, Students faces hardship during academic session”

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By Fast Kashmir on 13/05/2018.

“Educational institutions sans infrastructure in Chenab Valley, Students faces hardship during academic session”


No doubt that central and State Government have launched various schemes for poor students to avail benifits and receive education free of cost in government institutions. These schemes are implemented through a proper guidance and publicity through social and print media across the State. Mostly government is giving top priority to Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribe and Other Backward Class students to take education and increase literacy rate in Jammu and Kashmir . As most of the students belonging from poor communities send off their
studies as they are not having any huge source of income resulting that illiteracy rate increases of such students.
Taking a look on morden education system across whole Jammu and Kashmir state and particularly in Chenab Valley, ” No one can trust what is happening in government institutions and what teachers are doing during their duties, are students interested in
learning lessons in class or not, why results of board exams falls in Chenab Valley institutions”.
“‘ In Focus “‘ I Shafqat Shaheen Sheikh being a resident of remote region Bunjwah and belonging from a middle class family, “Opinioning the fact of above said points, “that Chenab Valley comparising of three districts including Doda , Ramban and Kishtwar and having six legeslative constitutions had became hub of political parties and politicians who for their gain are doing nothing in modernisation of educational institutions. Self interested politicians opened hundreds of primary and middle schools to give benifits to their close party workers not to poor who was deserving”. The schools were opened through proper documentation and reports and those who were appointed as teachers through Rahber re Taleem , Sarah Siksha Abhiyan and General Lines accordingly. After opening of schoolfor few years, these schools were club combined and teachers were posted in club combined school as the roll of students was falling below 20.
During the opening of these schools , self interested persons and politicians had shown huge strength of students and population in these areas for their personal interest and to loot state exchequer by showing fruad documentations due to influence of their politics and corruption.
” Being a citizen of Republic India I would like to ask from Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir State Ms Mehbooba Mufti that if schools were opened for providing basic education to poor and downtrodden students in nearby schools through a proper criteria and guidelines , then what
is the reason for combining , was it only to benifit their own party workers ,was the documentation done fraud when schools were opened , who is responsible for this corrupt practices”?
The poor and downtrodden public of Chenab Valley is waiting for your answer through an official statement in letter and script.
Being a citizen, I also applied for said post in year 2013, not having huge source of money and political protocol, the same criteria was changed and other one was appointed on basis of
money and politics. I am not against the same, “I would like to ask from every section of society, was the decision of ReT, SSA and General Line Teachers
appointment done on justice or not, Why the deserving canidates were neglected”?
Besides all this, I have inspected various schools across Chenab Valley and particularly Doda and
Kishtwar Districts, and saw that mostly the schools are in defunct position and if they are opened only one or two teachers visit there and perform their
” One who is teacher of government school seeks admission of his son or daughter in a private school and tells that private school teacher teaches
well to students beside government school”.
Opinioning the fact I would like to ask them that why you as a teacher of Government school prefers to seek admission in private school, you having source of income do so, what a poor and middle class family can do as they don’t have such huge source of income?
Happening so in government schools, students also donot pay any heed towards their studies as teachers are not interested to perform their duties.
A student of class 12th without displaying his name said that we are forced to regularly come to school and some other students who belongs from upper caste and having their family influence with institution heads are directed to receive education from coaching institutions and their attendance is shown 75% above by institution heads i.e injustice with we students and our future remains on stake . It is also mentioned that post of lecturers and teaching staff is lying vacant that results our failure in examination.
Few days back, I received information via social media that various schools sans infrastructure and teaching staff in various schools of Doda and Kishtwar Districts and concerned authorties didn’t pay any heed towards this issue. I would like to ask that why representatives didn’t take the issue of educational institutions on peak , why they are in
deep slumber?
If State Government is paying crores of rupees in the name of salary of teachers, why not they checkout their record of duties and schools. Surprisingly my friend asked a 5th class students to spell the letters that makes word Thursday; he failed and didn’t know the spelling of Thursday. It is the condition of government school from where a teacher gets its salary more than Rs 25,000 per month. Resulting mostly the poor and downtrodden students remain illiterate and don’t get benefit of government schemes that were launched in modernisation of Educational sector in Chenab Valley.
It is important to mention that one of the oldest institution of Chenab Valley in Kishtwar district established in the year 1930 before Independence still faces shortage of lecturers, teaching staff , infrastructure , playground and other necessary requirements that is need of hour in this modern era of technology.
Will State Government take issue on peak or not , It is yet to be mentioned.
{ The author is State Secretary All India Reporters Association Jammu and Kashmir, State Media Director , Human Rights Council and Crime Intelligence Force , World Aid Organisation for Human Rights and can be reached at