Executions of jio towers still pending in Shopian

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By Fast Kashmir on 23/05/2018.

Executions of jio towers still pending in Shopian
Causing  great trouble to 4G subscribers

Junaid Gulzar

Srinagar, May 23: We the residents of village Kadgam and Gund-Darwesh District Shopian facing a lot of signal issue since last Seven months.
Our signal has been completely snatched now, as our indoor signal is absolutely zero facing lot of trouble.
It’s been almost Seven months since the completion of the construction of jio towers  in Kadgam and Gund-Darwesh villages of Shopian District still non-funtional causing  great trouble to 4G subscribers.
Residents of the areas said That they are facing a lot of problems while making calls and using internet.
Even though the other towers in the nearby areas have been executed almost a month before.
Offcourse they have installed a tower before Seven months ,but they have kept it totally idle keeping us deliberately in trouble said residents.
We the residents of the areas appeal the jio officials to look into the matter as soon as possible, so that we can get rid of this very problem.
When Contacted to One of the official of Jio  He said that we have not Received Approval yet once we will get towers will be Functional soon and i assured you that these jio towers be Functional by this Month.