Forces using girls to spy on militants: Hizb

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By Fast Kashmir on 29/05/2018.

Srinagar, May 29: Prominent Hizbul Mujahideen commander Riyaz Naikoo on Tuesday warned of stepping up attacks on army alleging that the youth mostly girls were being forced to become informers.

In a new audio released by him, Naikoo alleged that the Indian army has left no stone unturned to inflict loss of life and property on the people. “Army has touched a new low by luring girls into trafficking and using them as spies,” he said.

“We have received information that army is luring girls and using them as spies on mujahedeen. Army is blackmailing girls and pitting them against us,” he added.

The Hizb commander said that army was using tours as a weapon to create a web of spies against the militants. He warned parents to desist from sending their daughters to the army-sponsored tours.

“We will not spare those parents who send their girls on army tours. Teachers too will face the brunt if they force students to undertake army tours,” he said. “I urge youth not to fall prey to army’s tactics and become informers.”

“Besides, we have also received information that army harass youth, torture them in camps and force them to become informers,” Naikoo said. “The youth harassed by army must put the videos on social media. Many youth have expressed the desire to join us to put an end to army torture.”

Hizb commander also alleged that Indian army is pushing Kashmiri youth to waywardness through drugs and other immoral activities. He expressed concern over the treatment meted out to Kashmiri prisoners.

“We have the capability to punish those jailors in their houses who harass Kashmiri inmates in jails. Our strength should not be underestimated,” Naikoo said. (GNS)