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By Fast Kashmir on 08/05/2018.


Says words fall short to console, condole family

Srinagar, May 08: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani while expressing his deep concern over continuous bloodbath in South Kashmir said that though people in state peacefully voiced for their political rights, how¬ever they are being silenced with the military might.
Paying his heartfelt tributes to Sufail Ahmad Bhat, injured in Shopian ‘shootout’, Geelani as per the statement issued to KNS said that “our youth lay their lives to end the age-old slavery of their nation & putting a huge responsibility on our shoulders to honor these sacrifices and take the movement to its logical end.”
Reminding Indian authorities their commitment with people in state, Geelani said that despite carrying bloodshed and arbitrary measures and turning besieged state into a battle field, they failed to break our resolve, saying “since past seven decades hundreds and thousands of people were mercilessly killed by Indian forces. They have no right call India as a big democracy as they have forcibly occupied state, surpassing all ethics and trampled all basic rights of people.”
“Indian authorities have made a commitment to resolve the Kashmir issue through internationally acknowledged right to self-determination of people of J&K,” Geelani said, adding that but instead of fulfilling their commitment their forces have let lose a reign of terror & are carrying genocide in state, he added.
Strongly decrying the authorities for their power of arrogance, Geelani said that they have turned state into a big military garrison, saying people are killed, caged, maimed, tortured and molested.
Voicing serious concern over the spree of killings at the hands of Indian troops, Geelani reiterated that the policy of oppression can’t deter people from pursuing the sacred movement.
Geelani while lamenting Delhi groomed henchmen for their rhetoric about democracy and freedom of speech, said that their tall claims about freedom of expression and democracy stand exposed as they didn’t dare to face pro-freedom leadership and resorted to vandalism, arresting leadership, imposing restrictions, bullying and denying political space to leadership.
Appealing world human rights organization, OIC and Pakistan for their cognizance and impressed to raise their voice and come to the rescue of subjugated people in Kashmir and asked to should take concrete political steps to resolve this longstanding Kashmir dispute.
Geelani in his cautioned the people against divide and rule policy of pro-Indian factions and stressed to forge unity among all those pursuing sacred mission.
“Almighty Allah is the only guardian and He only can save us from this turmoil and testing time,” said Geelani and asked people to repose faith in Almighty Allah and seek refuge in Him only as this will definitely infuse spirits and rejuvenate our will power against all brutalities and hardships we face while pursuing pious and sacred mission of martyrs.
Meanwhile, Geelani said that “Kashmir bleeds for decades and dance of death and destruction is a norm for us. Our fourth generation has grown amidst the barrel of gun. Losing a human life irrespective its caste, creed, colour, region or religion is sad and painful for us.”
Expressing the grief and sorrow on the death of a tourist, Thurumani of Chennai as a result of stone pelting, Geelani said that “we have been shouldering the coffins of our loved ones on daily basis but never can be silent on this indiscipline and hooliganism, by some unruly youth.”
Sympathizing with the grieved family, he said that “words fall short to console and condole the family for such a tragic loss and we as a nation feel not only sorry but ashamed as well.”
He further said that “we are the worst sufferers of the state-terrorism, but that should not encourage us to be cruel and heartless ourselves. Our religion, culture and ethos teach us to respect humanity and we should always follow these golden rules in letter and spirit.” (KNS)