Inam inaugurates Kathi Junction at Islamabad

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By Fast Kashmir on 04/05/2018.

Inam inaugurates Kathi Junction at Islamabad

Islamabad/ Anantnag, May 4: Inam Un Nabi while appreciating the efforts of Kashmiri youth for setting up business ventures has said that he was pleased to see that educated youth are coming forward to defeat the problem of growing unemployment in the territory.

Inam Un Nabi while inaugurating Kathi Junction at KP Road, Islamabad ( South Kashmir) set up by Huzaif Mushtaq said, “Islam also teaches us to earn our livelihood through halaal means and there is appreciation for those who stand-up on their own feet and earn their living in a clean manner.”

Inam expressed his satisfaction over the growing sense of belonging among the Kashmir’s young educated lot who had decided to take on the issue of rising unemployment head on.

He appreciated Huzaif Mushtaq for starting Kathi Junction, stating that he was glad to see youth deciding to defeat unemployment by not running after government jobs and wasting time in long queues outside government offices and instead taking a lead role in establishing good business ventures.