Inefficiency of PDP-BJP bonhomie result in killings of political activists: G A Mir

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By Fast Kashmir on 04/05/2018.

Inefficiency of PDP-BJP bonhomie result in killings of political activists: G A Mir


Says central, state Govt have no roadmap to deal with current situation

Srinagar, May 04: Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) chief, Ghulam Ahmad Mir on Friday said that an inefficiency of current regime and no plan of the central government to deal with the situation in Kashmir have resulted into the killing of political activities here.
In a brief chat with Kashmir News Service (KNS), Mir said that it seems that the central government doesn’t want peaceful situation in the Valley for the petty political gains. “The situation is being created that affect the normal business especially the tourist players, which in totality affect the economy of the state,” he said.
“I believe that they monitor the situation and take the benefits out of such situation and other things for their petty political gains,” he said, adding that no roadmap of the state as well the central government is visible on the ground to deal with the situation that is currently prevailing here.
Asked about the present situation in the Valley, the JKPCC chief said that all time worst situation is prevailing in the Valley at present, which affect everybody here especially youth as well as their parents. “Such situation was never witnessed before in the Valley,” he said.
He said that there are various reasons behind such situation but the major factor is betrayal done by PDP-BJP regime. “The ruling elite, PDP sought votes from the people over various issues and failed to fulfill their promises after assuming the power that led to the anger amongst the people. The only agenda the ruling elite is carrying forward is to rule the state,” he said, adding that anger amongst the people is increasing with each passing day.
Asked about the rise in militancy, Mir said that such issue has taken place due to the unholy alliance of PDP-BJP. “I believe that the educated youth from the Valley are getting alienated with the government due to the betrayal of the ruling elite,” he said.
Referring to the upcoming assembly polls in the state, the state congress president said that he is very much sure that the people will come out from their homes and will cast their ballots in the favour of congress. “The people have got alienated with the government but at the same time they are aware about the things they suffered. So I believe they will surely come out to choose their better candidates. The Congress party hopes that it will gain more seats in the assembly elections as compared to the previous year,” he said. (KNS)