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By Fast Kashmir on 08/05/2018.


Expresses shock over tourist’s killing in stone pelting

Nasir Khuehami

Srinagar, May 08: Senior Peoples Democratic party (PDP) leader and MLC Yasir Reshi on Tuesday hit out at pro-freedom leaders for ‘glorifying and shielding’ the stone pelters.
According to the KNS correspondent, Reshi expressed deep anguish and shock over the killing of a tourist in stone pelting. “This is inhumane and barbaric act. Who so ever has done this, are not humans. Humanity is ashamed by these acts,” he said.
He said that killing an innocent is a shameful and Condemnable act.
Aggrieved PDP leader said that this is not stone pelting and Jihad, but a ‘brutal murder’. “Those who threw stones in the name of Jihad, their eyes should be open. Is killing an innocent child a Jihad,” he asked, adding that ask them who prepare them to pelt stones.
“Every time you blame Govt or security forces for killings, I want to ask pro-freedom leaders who are talking and giving lecturers about peace. Is killing an innocent Jihad and freedom for you people,” Yasir told reporters, adding that they prepare, train these killers to pelt stones.
“How his parents will take his dead body to their home. Is this Tahreek-e-Aazadi,” PDP leader said.
“To slit throat of someone, to slaughter somebody without any reason, where are we heading,” he asked.
Reshi said that “I want to ask these leaders what kind of message you are giving by such incidents. Those who are claiming these stone pelters as heroes are they heroes for killing an innocent without any rhyme and reason. I want to ask their parents, are they innocents who killed guests, without any reason, is pelting stones way to protest. If our conscience won’t wakeup, this time, the situation will be more volatile.”
On Omar Abdullah’s statement, Reshi said that National Conference is the mother of all miseries in Kashmir as this party for the lust of power always represented Delhi in Kashmir. “National Conference is party which has always taken the interests of people and the state for granted for the sake of power,” he said. (KNS)