Kashmir: Lack of political space pushes youth to wall

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By Fast Kashmir on 18/05/2018.

Kashmir: Lack of political space pushes youth to wall


Srinagar, May 18:  Youth is the season of hope, in Kashmir over the past three decades; Youth have bore the worst brunt of violence and bloodshed on account of lingering conflict. Killings, uncertainties, strikes have made youth of Kashmir to be at the receiving end.

Democracy is the buzz word for our political system and Youth are its important constituent. The lack of political space in Kashmir is stated by many experts to be among the prominent reasons of youth being pushed to wall as youth neither find any tangible space in mainstream nor separatist polity. Young people are not given opportunities to prove themselves claiming that they are not equipped with experience to participate actively in the governance of the state.

Dynasty politics and its upper hand in mainstream polity of the state is a matter of great concern and a contributing factor in pushing youth to wall, according to ground zero voices.

We at the Kashmir News Bureau (KNB) interacted with diverse polity thoughts to know the exact pulse of the situation with reference to this burning topic.

Rafi Ahmad Mir, a veteran politician and the chief spokesman of J&K People’s Democratic Party, While talking to KNB stated – “We are aware about the concerns of less participation of youth in politics. No doubt political parties in the mainstream need to show more magnanimous approach while inducting youth into the polity and party fold but on the other hand youth too need to come forward and be patient while choosing politics as it demands lot of determination. Dynasty politics too as a roadblock to entry of common youth into the political foray have been raised but it has many dimensions and I believe although it is reality still one has to possesses merit to be successful in politics.”

Rafi Ahmad Mir believes that gradually and steadily ban on student politics should be lifted in the state. He adds “I am myself product of the student politics and have learnt lot through and I am of firm belief that time has come to lift ban on the student politics in our part of the world. With time we should lift ban at student politics in top universities and regulate it in an effective way.”

On the other hand of the spectrum, many are of opinion that lack of space in separatists’ parties is also pushing youth to wall and making picking gun as the first priority rather than choosing separatist or resistance polity as first preference.

While talking on this issue, Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Movement Chairman and senior Resistance leader Zafar Akbar Bhat stated – “Youth in Kashmir have been playing important role and giving important and precious sacrifices in the Kashmir struggle. I believe youth need to play a part not in just politics but in all the important walks of life from being journalists, lawyers to scientists. There is always scope for improvement in engaging more youth in a vibrant way in the resistance politics. Youth is important part of our human resource and we cannot afford to lose it at an abnormal pace .Youth need to be taken along in the entire important decision making process and there can be no two ways about this fact.”

Zaffer said the resistance movement is not personal property of any particular person or a family but a collective legacy of the people of Kashmir which needs to carry forward. He said those who are presently at the helm of affairs should indulge the youth representations in their ranks.

Inam un Nabi, a prominent political analyst, while talking to the KNB stated – “The Lack of Political Space is an evident reality in Kashmir and both Mainstream and Pro-Freedom political spectrums need to look into this aspect. Student activism is censored and not allowed to flourish.

The height of alienation is such huge of the youth in the mainstream that even basic needs of youth are neglected and are just seen as use and throw as a result even administration plays like a football with youth. At the time of election they are lured but then use and throw mechanism is followed. Nepotism, dynasty is ruling roost and the common youth are neglected and thus pushed to wall.

On the other hand, in resistance politics too we do not see youth playing much prominent role, although the whole pro-freedom movement is run by youth and they too do not have youth units. We have also not seen any prominent youth leader emerging from Hurriyat Constituent.”

Even many voices opine that gun has become first option as resistance polity does not attract youth. Overall due to lack of political space our youth are pushed to wall.

Undoubtedly, the pulse from Mainstream to the separatist political circles and to ground analysts is that on the ground zero of Kashmir due to lack of political space the youth of Kashmir are pushed to wall. (KNB)