Leadership of India & Pakistan should act to promote peace & brotherhood, hatred is no way

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By Fast Kashmir on 30/05/2018.

Leadership of India & Pakistan should act to promote peace & brotherhood, hatred is no way

Srinagar, May 30:  Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party today made a strong appeal to the present ruling parties both in India and Pakistan to re-read the old history of Bharata in connection with the Mahabharata and Ramayana followed by many battles between evil forces and the truth seeking people in the old Mahabharata. The people of India before the freedom of India from the British Rule (before 1947) fought with one mission and united efforts to seek freedom from the foreign rulers and they got it.

NPP Supremo urged the ruling leaders on both sides to re-read the past history of India from the days of Mahabharata. People of India (Bharata) were product of the same tree, flourished under the same sky and grew in the same climate. The religions were source of inspiration, promoted human feelings and the people grew together, live together and fought for freedom jointly. The history is witnessed that communal sentiments were ignited by the foreign rulers only to fail the freedom movement. The foreign rulers were superb shopkeepers and they divided India.

During my visit to Bangladesh and Pakistan I realized rather I never felt there among those people that I was a foreigner or a stranger. During my visits to Pakistan I received respect, ovations from lawyers community, from media persons and from the common men in the streets. I could never feel that I was a stranger while walking in the streets of Lahore or Karachi. The intellectuals, the historians, the thinkers shall work out to think together, work together and walk together. India,Pakistan and Bangladesh I shall add Afghanistan and Burma even where I had similar experience and enjoyed tremendous love and affection of the common people in the streets, youth in the universities and even in their pray institutions. I hope that politicians of India shall think of peace and try to revive the ancient relationship which we enjoyed for centuries and centuries even when we were enslaved by the foreign rulers.

Prof.Bhim Singh disclosed that he is determined to organize 3rd Intra ‘Heart to Heart’ Talk among the people of all the regions of the State of J&K as it existed before 1947 during the Dogra Rule. Prof.Bhim Singh has started campaign for ‘Heart to Heart’ Talk which he successfully held in 2005 and 2007 in J&K and New Delhi . The bullets are no solution which India and Pakistan should also realize from the outcome of the talk between two military representatives of India and Pakistan only yesterday. Bullets and guns are no solution particularly there is some misunderstanding or minor conflict between the brothers. Prof.Bhim Singh appealed to the new Prime Minister of Pakistan (till election) and the BJP Govt. of India to think of the human beings who have been suffering on both sides of international borders and the ceasefire. The both governments should realize that bullets are no solution if the bullets could win than Hitler should have not seen that fate after the end of the World War-II. He hoped that ruling parties on both sides shall sit together, talk together and fight for peace. The people of both sides, as I personally experienced, have been supporting no war, only peace and that is the future for the glorious future of both India and Pakistan as well as for the neighbouring countries.