Let’s Know about Bunjwah road , Different nomenclatures on one road i.e Dunadi _ Bunjwah , KewaPull _ Kither , Tipri _ Patnazi , and Patnazi _ Kither road of Bunjwah

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By Fast Kashmir on 21/05/2018.

Let’s Know about Bunjwah road , Different nomenclatures on one road i.e Dunadi _ Bunjwah , KewaPull _ Kither , Tipri _ Patnazi , and Patnazi _ Kither road of Bunjwah


Jammu: On the left turn from Dunadi , 19 km long link road starts that connectes Bunjwah with rest of state and district headquarter kishtwar . Starting from Ist km the work for its improvement and upgradition was executed in the year 2009 and execution agency JKPCC kishtwar was directed to construct this road . The road upto Noor was named as “‘ DUNADI _ BUNJWAH ROAD “‘ measuring its length 13km from Dunadi .
The construction of Dunadi Bunjwah road was assigned to JKPCC Ltd in 2009 , which without adopting due course of law has haphazardy by accordingly on the instigation of some vested persons have sub let the part wise work to local persons that too who are not having their own machinery , rather some contractors and employees executed work themselves and show the name of some dunny person as contractor and had drawn huge bills worth crores without execution of work on ground .
In a reply of RTI filed by Mohd Iqbal Sheikh vide No . JKPCC/KU/596 dated 22 _ 09 _ 2016 in reference to No. JKPCC/KU/194 dated 02 _06 _2016 , cited the information ending 04/2016 reveals that , ” The execution of works on Dunadi Bunjwah road is being executed through labour rate piece workers as per corporation norms , No tenders have been invited for these works against total sanctioned amount Rs 1147.50 lacs among which Rs 993.96 lacs has been utilized / valve of work done. RTI further reveals that 90℅ work is completed and 10℅ is pending and among work completed under X_Drainage 6.0 me span RCC culverts scuppers are 2 in No. including 2.00 me Span RCC culverts are 2 in No. among whichvHP Culverts 5 in No and 350 meter drain is pending work as per RTI reply . On protection work R/walls Edge wall 4.0 , 3.0 , 1.0 , mtr Height 1326 meters is completed , B/wall 2.0mtr Height 4298 meters completed and 24 parapits constructed among which 200 No. and 130 mtr protection work pending . On pavements WBM G_I 100mm shows 5900 M2 completed among 44165 M2 , WBM G_II 75 mm 56595 M2 , WBM G _III 75 mm 78695 M2 , 20 mm thick premix 78695 M2 shows the pending work on this road upto 13 kms.
During the year 2010_11 , 14 Contractors / Piece workers has executed works aganist Gross amount of the bill Rs 5508040.00 and Cheque amount Rs 4731583.00.
During the year 2011_12 , 31 Contractors /piece workers has executed work aganist Gross amount of the bill Rs 14175144.00 and Cheque amount Rs 9698328.00 .
During the year 2012_13 , 33 Contractors has executed work against Gross amount of bill Rs 8885010.00 and Cheque amount Rs 6478347.00 .
During the year 2013_14 , 51 Contractors / piece workers has executed work against Gross amount of bill Rs 19483000.00 and Cheque amount Rs 13579746.00 .
During the year 2014_15 , 46 Contractors / piece workers has executed work aganist Gross amount of the bill Rs 10458926.00 and Cheque amount Rs 8535281.00.
During the year 2015_16 , 13 Contractors / piece workers has executed work aganist Gross amount of the bill Rs 3883965.00 and Cheque amount Rs 3426509.00 .
Revealing the details of RTI , 188 Contractors / piece works had executed work over 13km long Dunadi Bunjwah road and had withdrawn as per Gross amount of bill Rs 62394085.00 and on Cheque amount Rs 46449794.00 showing 90 % completion of work that differs to its fiction as their is 80 % work pending on this road .
Showing a great dispute in embezzlement and missapproation of funds , RTI vide No. JKPCC / KU/ 918 dated 22 _ 03 _ 2018 reveals that sanctioned amount Rs 1147.52 lacs and utilized amount Rs 782.00 lacs that creates a huge difference between the RTI No. JKPCC/KU/596 _ 194 dated 22 _ 09 _ 2016 .
During the year 2016_17 , 10 Contractors / piece workers has executed work against Gross amount of bill Rs 1220927.00 and cheque amount Rs 1203529.00 .
During the year 2017_ 18 , 21 Contractors has executed work against Gross amount of bill Rs 2946468.00 and cheque amount Rs 2839507.00.
It is important to mention that total 219 Contractors/piece workers has executed work on this road from 2010_11 to 2017_18 and as per Gross amount of bill Rs 66746788.00 and Cheque amount Rs 50836432.00 has been withdrawn without execution of work on ground , that is great loss to state exchequer .
Embezzlement and misappropriation worth crores has surfaced in the construction of Dunadi _ Bunjwah , KewaPul _ Kither and Tipri _ Patnazi road in JKPCC and PMGSY division Kishtwar. The dilapidated road has been taking toll on the health of passengers who continue to suffer the failure of State Government and administration to meet their demands from several years.
The road from Noor to Nali Binoon named as “‘ KEWAPULL _ KITHER ROAD “‘ measuring length 6.775 km from Noor ending km 13 to nearby GHSS Binoon ending 19 km.
As per detail received from Mohd Iqbal ( RTI Activist ), PMGSY division Kishtwar failed to maintain and restore the KewaPul Kither road from 2006 -07 . The road from KewaPul to Kither (Phase I) from Km 14th to Km 20th RD 775 of Dunadi Bunjwah road length 6.775 Km under Package No JKO4 – 09 PMGSY Phase -IV .
The above said portion of road was constructed by M/s Malik Construction Company Batote as per official order no 792 – 96 dated 8 / 3 / 2007 vide advertised Notice 03 / PMGSY of 2006 – 07 dated 28 / 09 / 2006 published in Kashmir times on 01 / 10 / 2006 . In the above said notice bid amount of Rs 24607983 lacs was conveyed vide Letter of Acceptance No CE/PMGSY/J/329-35 dated20 / 02 / 2007. RTI reveals that from the advertise Notice in year 2006 – 07 to 2016 – 17, an amount of Rs 18437531 has been spent out of allotted amount Rs 24607983 as total amount sanctioned under PMGSY is Rs 268.14 lacs .
As per the detail available, the total amount of Rs 18437531 was withdrawn for execution of work from Kewa pull to Kither road from km14 to km 20 measuring length 6.775km.
The road from Binoon to Patnazi is named as “‘ TIPRI PATNAZI ROAD “‘ measuring length 6 km from KM 20th RD 775 to KM 26RD 825 of Dunadi Bunjwah road stage I Phase IV Package No JK04 _ 96 . As per detail received by Bashir Ahmed Sheikh via RTI reveals that , Advertisement copy of road can be had from office of Chief Engineer PMGSY { JKRRDA } Jammu and total amount sanctioned for Kewapull Kither and Tipri Patnazi road is Rs 268.14 lacs and 252.30 lacs out of which 184.79 lacs and 246.48 lacs are utilised for both roads . RTI reveals that stage Ist of the road has been completed upto fair weather status and stage Ist is completed for the both roads.
RTI further reveals that while execution of X_drainage work on Kewapull Kither road , 15 No’s Hume Pipe culverts , 10 No’s Scuppers , 2 No’s R C C slab Culverts and on Tipri Patnazi road 2 No’s Hume Pipe culverts , 10 No’s Scuppers, 4. No’s R C C slab Culverts work for the same is done on both road as no parapet and sign board has been installed .
RTI further revealing the statement showing the item wise / Component wise of work executed and payment made on name of KewaPull Kither road reveals that , ” On account of earth work in all kind of soil , Earth work in soft rocks , Earthwork in hard rock , Earthwork in structures payment of Rs 23.33 , 19.46 , 43.88 , 3.5 lacs has been made . On account of M10 ( 1:3:6 ) , PCC M20 (1:2:4) , RCC M20 (1:2:4) , PCC M15 ( 1:2:5:5) , NP3 , payment of Rs 17.58 , 1.06 , 1.64 , 9.6 , 2.25 lacs has been made “.
The RTI further reveals that , on account of Filter Media/ Stone Filling , Wire Crates , Grounting of Stone Pitching , Dry Masonry , Cement Masonary , Earth filling , HYSD , M25 (1:1:5:3) , P/L Pitching laid over prepared filter media , payment of Rs 18.99 , 59.79 , 0.98 lacs has been made among which cement masonary shows highest amount of all total Rs 59.79 lacs .
The RTI reveals that earth work, protection work and cross drainage has been done but these works are not seen on ground. RTI activist Mohd Iqbal Sheikh and Bashir Ahmed Sheikh alleged that JKPCC and PMGSY don’t provide the complete record copies of RTI response that shows the embezzlement of crores in said department .
“Source reveals that during the sudden blockade of road and worse condition , it came to reveals that District Administration DC Kishtwar had given lacs of ruppes for its restoration and maintaince but PMGSY division Kishtwar shows that nothing has been received by DC Kishtwar for its maintaince , that shows open loot in PMGSY Kishtwar “.
The inhabitants of Bunjwah area are aghast over the step-motherly treatment of PMGSY for failing to repair the 6 km stretch of KewaPul Kither road.
Not only this, crores have been embezzled in the Tipri Patnazi road also as the road is in worse condition. It is need of hour to hold a Vigilance inquiry into embezzlement of crores of rupees in the name of Bunjwah road so as corrupt and erring officer shall be booked according to law .
Beside KewaPul Kither road the first phase of Bunjwah road from Dunadi to Noor named as Dunadi Bunjwah road is in worse condition where more than 200 piece workers / contractors had worked as per Officials record of JKPCC Unit Kishtwar and crores of rupees had been withdrawn without any work on ground .
A local resident of Bunjwah Bashir Ahmed Sheikh said that it takes more than 3 – 4 hours to reach Thathri i.e only 25 km from Binoon to Thathri and 19 km to Dunadi. Drivers don’t want to ply on this road and commuters, especially employees are worst sufferers. It is pertinent to mention that during emergency cases, patients face hardship to reaches district hospital Kishtwar as the road is in worse condition.
It is pertinent to mention that more than hundred times the issue was highlighted in print and electronic media by on Social Activist and Freelance Journalist Shafqat Shaheen Sheikh and strong protest demonstration was held at Thathri Bridge resulting the blockade of Batote Kishtwar National Highway for its vehicular movement but nothing has been improved on ground that concerned agencies and district administration had put blind eyes and deaf ears toward Bunjwah region.
The condition of road is such poor that it seems that the said motorable road is just mule/horse track with huge ruts with dilapidated edges over which neither the R walls nor B walls have been constructed as per the specification and if at some places is constructed that too by using sub_standared material.
RTI activist Bashir Ahmed Sheikh and Mohd Iqbal Sheikh seeks personal intervention of J&K Chief Minister Ms Mehbooba Mufti and PWD R&B Minister Naeem Akhtar to intervene in this matter and order State Vigilance Commissioner to enquiry in embezzlement of crores of rupees that had been withdrawn on name of KewaPul Kither road .
It is “Need of Hour ” to submit PIL in Hon’ble High Court Jammu and to constitute the team of technical experts and Vigilance Officers to have the physical verification of work and compiling amount drawn against said work to unveil the scandal worth crores of rupees .
{ The author is resident of Bunjwah region in Kishtwar district and can be reached at rajashafqatsheikh@gmail.com 09419974577 }