NC and PDP owe an apology to Kashmiris for lying to them

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By Fast Kashmir on 11/05/2018.

Thanks to BJP for exposing PDP and NC over ceasefire issues………….AIP

Party also condemns assault on Kashmiri women in Delhi

Srinagar 11 May: Appealing masses to question both NC and PDP, the main regional parties for their false claim about having discussed ceasefire between militants and the forces, in the All Party Meeting at SKICC Srinagar, AIP has said that Kashmiris should be thankful to BJP for at least exposing the real dark Hippocratic face of both NC and PDP. In a statement issued today Party spokesman Advocate Majid Banday said “It was absolutely strange and laughable at the same time that except Er. Rasheed no one talked about ceasefire nor sought an end to all operations against militants but once the meeting was over both Mehbooba Mufti and Ali Mohammad Sagar made a Himalayan lie by claiming before media that they had talked and discussed about the possibility of a ceasefire”. Mr. Banday added that AIP decided not to react over the lies and misleading false claim of both the Chief Minister and Mr. Sagar as there was every apprehension that Kashmiris may call it a publicity stunt and may never ever be ready to believe that NC and PDP can go so low that they will claim having demanded a ceasefire despite having never discussed it within the corridors of the meeting. Spokesman added “To avoid confusions AIP kept silence over the duplicity and Hypocrisy of all those parties including Congress, NC and PDP who tried to give a notion that they are worried with the killings, but when BJP spokesperson Sunil Sethi exposed all these double faced leaders by saying that no one except Er. Rasheed asked for a ceasefire, the political parties especially NC and PDP must apologise for taking people far-granted and making a joke of themselves. Spokesman said “The reason why central govt. and other stake holders are not taking ceasefire issue seriously  is the fact that NC and PDP have shown a casual and a false approach thus allowing New Delhi to deal with things the way it wants. The fact is that both these parties have always sabotaged the sacrifices of Kashmiris and played their sufferings and miseries through politics of deception”. Spokesman appealed Kashmiris to rise to the occasion and ask Mehbooba Mufti and Omer Abdullah that why they did breach of trust and faith with Kashmiris by Lying to them about the proposal of a possible ceasefire between militants and the security forces. Spokesman strongly condemned the assault on a Kashmiri women in Delhi but reminded Kashmiris of the fact that no one in India would care about the lady for the reason she being a Kashmiri. He said that Kashmiris are safe nowhere in India and even abusing Kashmiris is the new narrative of India’s nationalism.