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By Fast Kashmir on 24/05/2018.

Poplar nuisance pesters Valley

Srinagar, May 24: Kashmir Valley continues to grapple with the pollen-induced allergy and the problem continues despite high court’s orders to axe poplar trees, the main irritant.

The problem is equally severe across the Kashmir. A delegation of people from Central Budgam district said that people are facing tough time due to pollens that cause allergy and aggravate respiratory disorders. “This cotton has become an irritant. The irritation caused by the pollen results in running nose, red and watery eyes,” locals told GNS, adding that due to numerous Russian poplar trees in the backside of shops at main Market Manchowa, white balls of fluff floating across the streets and is a fairly common at this time of year.

“Due to it locals, shopkeepers, pedestrian are suffering. The school going children and infants are main sufferers along with elderly and those suffering from respiratory disorders,” they said. The locals appealed concerned higher authorities to look into the matter “so that we won’t suffer any more in this Holy Month of Ramadan.

The common symptoms of pollen-induced allergy include nasal irritation, running nose, red and watery eyes, which may further exacerbate if proper medical advice is not sought by the affected persons.

Doctors and health experts have time and again advised people to take adequate precautionary measures as the symptoms get exacerbated especially in patients having asthma or breathing problems.

It’s the Russian poplar trees that are a health hazard and the J&K high court has already directed all deputy commissioners to ensure its directions, calling for axing these trees in the Valley, are implemented in letter and spirit.

“Enormous plantation and growth of poplar trees of Russian Species are allegedly proving catastrophic and a big health hazard. Can such a nuisance be allowed to exist totally to the discomfort of the human beings? Answer has to be no. The trees which are proving dangerous and threat to the healthy life can be categorized as being public nuisance,” the high court had said.

“Tehsildars of all tehsils shall be personally responsible for ensuring the compliance of the orders which would be passed by all deputy commissioners of the Valley,” the court had said. (GNS)