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By Fast Kashmir on 23/05/2018.

Will Deputy CM act?

Srinagar, May 23: The industries and commerce department over the years have made adhoc arrangements by posting junior officers as head of the departments.
Sources told Kashmir News Service (KNS) that the General Administration department (GAD) has not even bothered to take a view on this as to how the industries and commerce department are making adhoc arrangements by violating the said administrative norms.
“The GAD has turned absolutely blind eye towards these PSU’s and have not so far posted full time Managing Directors who have technical and professional know-how,” one of the top officials of government insisted not to be named said.
Sources further said that in the recent years, most junior officer was inducted as managing director of one of the corporations stationed in the Kashmir.
His order which is in the possession of KNS speaks that he shall look after the work of Managing Director.
Similarly sources said that an organization like Small industries Development Corporation limited which has a great role to play in the up- gradation of the industrial sector is being manned by the most junior officer.
Similarly sources said that the handloom corporation is headed by a managing director who has no experience in the field.
The story does not end here the handicraft corporation has seen a downward trend which was one time a crowning glory of the state is again being looked after by a Managing Director on adhoc basic.
Sources said that all such arrangements have been made purely on adhoc basic only to look after the charge of Managing director of the respective corporations.
The sources said that there is unrest among the employees of these corporations and a fair looms large on the future of these employees and corporation as well.
The sources further believe that backdoor appointments, recommended by the politicians are being made by these adhoc Managing directors.
It may sound surprising, that two Managing Directors, who were declared non performers, were demoted as general managers.
Sources said that many of incumbent incharge Manging Directors in various corporations are facing huge corruption charges and their names were referred to Chief Minister Office for taking proper disciplinary action, but surprisingly the file remained always in transit with no firm decision taken.
The industries and commerce department has around 10 public sector undertakings with two independent directors together and other various departments like handicraft handloom and KVIP.
“Over the years most of the corporations were found defunct and the dismal progress achieved. There was rise in the corruption practices, malfunctioning in the public sector undertakings,” sources maintained.
“Each corporation had appointed illegally over hundred blue eyed persons. There is no accountability as how these appointments have been made and thereafter given two to three grade promotions,” sources questioned.
Sources said that most of the corporations have failed to meet the financial and commercial targets as a result the PSUs have rendered cashless and lost incurring year after year.
Sources said that similar is the story with the directors of industries and commerce department where the allotments of land during last three years have been done in messy manner by giving undue benefits to the kith and kins of politicians and the politically backed persons.
“In case a proper audit is conducted in the case of such allotments, many heads may roll,” sources said.
Sources maintained that now it would be interested to see that whether the new minister will end such practices and appoint the professionals. (KNS)