Youth unrest is real challenge being faced by state: Bhat

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By Fast Kashmir on 27/05/2018.

Interacts with various deputations

Bandipora, May 27: Vice-chairman of Muslim Waqf Board and senior PDP leader Nizamuddin Bhat said that youth of Kashmir need to be made aware about the evolution of state’s splendid ethos and culture through a concerted campaign to pre-empt the steep decline of values and institutions of social importance.
Interacting with scores of deputations at Bandipora, Bhat said that youth unrest is a the real challenge facing the state as this has been causing huge damage to social fabric and threatens the very basis of our civilization.
Bhat said while the unrest coupled with violence is shaking the faith of this generation in its traditions and collective wisdom, it has potential of demolishing the entire social fabric. “This phenomenal trend if not arrested, it will delink the society from past and will cause future fragmentation and anarchy.”
Bhat said in that event Kashmir cannot survive as an entity of purpose it has been struggling for. He said those who feel concerned about the “identity” should foresee the impending danger and disaster and should rise to the occasion.
Bhat said civil society members, Imams, intellectuals and workers engaged in religious and moral education have a role and responsibility to spearhead the awareness campaign.
Bhat said it is unfortunate that state’s institutions are presenting a split image and fragmented programming on history and culture and are missing a focus on this imperative. “During the interaction he received inputs on how the youth is suffering from loss of trust in institutions and their elders and how callous have they become about their ethos and assets. He was also told about losing sheen of values and morality in the buzz of vulgarity and reckless behavior, which is becoming trait of a sizeable section of the population.”
Bhat lamented that a scenario is developing where elders are made hostage to nasty developments and legitimate activities get undermined.
He interacted with hundreds of PDP workers including new entrants in the party fold and appealed them to lend content to their activities through selfless service and work for confidence building among the people.
He exhorted upon them to contribute towards consensus on issues of social importance and generate a political activity for collective behavior on issues of common concern.
Bhat said state government should also take into account the sensitivities and shape the public service institutions into institutions of common good. “State should devise a mechanism to transform and orient the institutions of education, welfare and culture in a manner where past glory sustains and social ethos is upheld so that we are able to move forward heritage and tradition saved and future secured for collective growth and survival.” (KNS)