Apathy: SMC fails to renovate ‘shabby’ marriage hall after 2014 floods

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By Fast Kashmir on 09/06/2018.

Apathy:  SMC fails to renovate ‘shabby’ marriage hall after 2014 floods

Srinagar, June 9: Pathetic condition of Marriage Hall located at Baba Demb, Naqashpora area of Srinagar city has been irking people who have urged upon the concerned legislator to restore its beautification.

    “The façade of the Marriage Hall is quite impressive with spacious space but once you enter inside, it’s ugliness will shock you. The shabby walls and filthy matting repulse every entrant,” said locals.

   When this reporter entered into the ground floor of the Marriage Hall, it appeared somebody has set the walls on fire as the plaster gives chimney black look. “It looks more a ‘bhoot mahal’ than a Marriage Hall. Over all it is not a right place for guests and there is filth everywhere. Not a single room is spick and span,” said another local.

   A couple of locals also urged upon government to fill up the open pit behind this hall as according to them, it poses the lives of children at risk. “The 2014 floods disfigured the beauty of this Marriage Hall and since then, there was renovation by name only.

   The locals blamed Commissioner Srinagar Municipal Corporation for all the mess. “The holy month of Ramadhan was an opportune time for its renovation as no marriages takes place. But the callous attitude of the SMC has left everyone high and dry.

   “Who would book this scruffy and shabby Hall that too at an exorbitant rate,” the locals said.

   Concerned legislator, Shameema Firdous said that she has already raised up the issue with the Commissioner Srinagar Municipal Corporation who has assured that this Hall will be renovated and pained after a couple of days.

   Commissioner SMC, Reyaz Ahmed told CNS that marriage hall will be renovated after Eid. (CNS)