Er. Rasheed condemns Assaduddin Owaisi for his opposition to UNHRC’s report on Kashmir

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By Fast Kashmir on 18/06/2018.

Er. Rasheed condemns Assaduddin Owaisi for his opposition to UNHRC’s report on Kashmir

Says Rights of Kashmiris can’t be kept hostage to please so called Muslim leaders in India

Langate 18 June: Condemning Assaduddin Owaisifor his unrealistic and false stand on report submitted by United Nations Human Rights Commission over violations of Human Rights in J&K, AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Er. Rasheed has said that Assaduddin Owaisi’s rejection of the report has exposed the real intentions and his false sympathy with the Kashmiris shown by him on occasions. While interacting with various deputations at Langate today, Er. Rasheed said “Whatsoever Assaduddin Owaisihas spoken viz-a-viz Kashmir dispute and UNHRC report on Kashmir is far away from reality, misleading and distortion of facts. Mr. Owaisi has every right to praise India and must be loyal to his country but saying that the Muslims of India stand with rest of the country on Kashmir issue is laughable and has no logic. The sentiments and rights of Kashmiris can never be kept hostage only for the reason that Indian Muslims want themselves to prove more loyal than other Indians towards the Indian state. Kashmir Issue is purely a political dispute and Assaduddin Owaisiby claiming that Indian Muslims stand with Central Govt. on Kashmir Issue is ample proof to conclude that New Delhi wants to turn Kashmir issue into a religious issue and people like Mr. Owaisi are doing tactfully the Job of connecting Kashmir Dispute with Indian Muslims. The rejection of grave charges made by UNHRC against Indian state in J&K should have woken up the conscience of not only people like Assaduddin Owaisibut also the intellectuals of other communities in India. However Owaisi’s calling the report a propaganda and rejecting the solid evidences given by UNHRC exposing grave human rights violations and massacres of Kashmiris has proved that the political class of rest of India is adamant to mislead the world and ensure that Kashmiris are made to surrender”. Er. Rasheed reminded Assaduddin Owaisiabout the fate of Indian Muslims in India and added that they are living even like third class citizens under constant threat from Hindu fanatic radical elements. He said “By criticizing UNHRC and adding salt to the injuries of Kashmiris Mr. Owaisi and likeminded leaders can never win sympathy of the majority community in India as it is not Kashmiris but the Indian society which is getting radicalized day by day”. Er. Rasheed appealed Indian masses and sensible voices to wake up from the deep slumbers and take cognizance to all that what UNHRC has exposed.