Gujjar Bakerwal Youth Conference Protests in Srinagar against SSB for Selecting Fake Category Candidates in Selection List

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By Fast Kashmir on 29/06/2018.

Gujjar Bakerwal Youth Conference Protests in Srinagar against SSB for Selecting Fake Category Candidates in Selection List

Nasir Khuehami

Srinagar, June 29: Youths belonging to Gujjar-Bakerwal community of Kashmir Province staged protest demonstration today against JKSSB, for selecting fake category candidate in the selection list of Math and Science Teachers.


The Candidate belonging to Gujjar Bakerwal Community assembled here in Press Encalve Srinagar, under the banner of Jammu and Kashmir Gujjar Bakerwal Youth Conference and Started an agitation against JKSSB.

They alleged that Board yesterday declared a list of Math and Science Teachers for various District of Kashmir Division in which maximum Candidate having fake Schedule Tribe Certificates got selected their castes are Dar, Lone, Mir and so on but in Gujjar Bakerwal Community there is no such Castes exists they alleged.

They demanded that their rights are being snatched by these candidates having fake ST Certificates which is surprising for us. When yesterday they see the lists of Math and Science teachers declared by Board we found majority of fake ST Certificates Candidates got selected which shook us while checking the list got disappointed a lot.

They said it is surprising for us suddenly in this list from where these Candidates get Schedule Tribe Certificates and whom authorities issued them should be enquired they appealed to Crime Branch and Viggilance organisation.
They said that in Budgam, Srinagar and Bandipur District majority having fake Schedule Tribe Certificates candidates have been selected and they got dropped.
They said that they belongs to hilly and far off areas where in this era of 21st century having no facility of electricity and roads how we managed to study we know ourselves.

They alleged that in Bandipur District every year and in each and every list Gurezis got selected because they also having the Status of Schedule tribe and the STGB candidates got dropped similarily.
What criteria is addopting the JKSSB and why the injustice is being did with the STGB candidates.
Before this many times we had protested and demanded that STGB Quota should be Separated from STO, because Gurezi falls in STO and we Gujjar Bakerwal peoples falls in STGB it should be differetiated by Board authorities like BOPEE who is addopting the Same procedures and equal justice provides to all reserved category candidates they alleged that JKSSB did mixed STO and STGB and not following the rules set by Govt.

They were demanding separate STGB Quota for Gujjar Bakerwal Community because according to them, the candidates from their community are not getting benefit from Schedule Tribe Category. They alleged that all the benefits, rights, schemes, Posts reserved for GB community are being snatched by the people belonging to Gurez valley because they are also having the status of Schedule Tribe which created a great confusion among Gurezi and Gujjar Bakerwals, the protestors alleged.

They alleged that Gujjar Bakerwal community is getting neglected at every front either in Govt recruitment or in Development sector because all the funds are being diverted towards Gurez while minor share of Tribal funds are being used in areas of Gujjar Bakerwals which is total injustice with this community.

Protesters demanded that STGB quota may be Isolated from Gurezi people who are also enjoying the Status of Schedule Tribe so that they could get proper share or right.

“Till now maximum people have been selected from Gurez for ST reserved seats whenever any recruiting agency advertises posts for Bandipora district. in all reserved seats for ST in Bandipora District,” protesters allege adding that they became more backward and marginalised as their development has been halted.

They demanded that the rule set for the professional entrance examinations by BOPEE may be extended and followed in all other competitive exams and the quota may be separately given to STGB, STL (Schedule Tribe Leh), STK (Schedule Tribe Kargil) and Gurezi falls under STO (Schedule Tribe others) which differentiates between Gujjars and other tribes.

“The Schedule tribe status has been given to Gujjar Bakerwals on the basis of their Backwardness and mostly among them are nomads who are not having lands for agriculture and houses for shelters and on the basis of inaccessible areas, the Schedule Tribe Status has been given to people hailing from Kargil, Leh or Gurez and the Quota in Govt Jobs or other share related to Welfare may be isolated as per population,” they said.

Protest was lead by Zahid Parwaz Choudhary, State President, J&K Gujjar Bakerwal Youth Conference and Choudhary Mushtaq Budgami.