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By Fast Kashmir on 27/06/2018.

Says ‘situation in south Kashmir resembles that of Karbala

Anantnag, June 27: The Chairman of Ummat e Islami and Mirwaiz of South Kashmir, Qazi Ahmed Yasir today addressed a press conference at his residence in South Kashmir’s Islamabad District. The Mirwaiz of South Kashmir who was released after detention of nine days from Police station Sadr straightaway went to the home of Slain Lashkar e Taiba commander, Shakoor Dar and paid rich tributes to the slain commander. He also led a massive pro Freedom rally in the Sopat area of Kulgam District.

Speaking to the press the Mirwaiz said that the Government of India is trying its best to confine the voice of Ummat e Islami and the Mirwaiz of South Kashmir. Briefing the events since his detention on the anniversary of Dr. Qazi Nisar Ahmed on 19th June, he said, the Police stopped the vehicles of Ummat e Islami workers from different corners of South Kashmir from entering into the Islamabad township. “Six boys from Khudwani were detained and later categorically told they  are being arrested for attending the anniversary of Dr. Qazi Nisar.” The state is   fighting us psychologically, physically and politically too by creating fear among our supporters to not attend our programmes. “Blood Donation camp which is merely to help the poor and needy was also barred, but not directly, but the hospital officials were threatened to not allow us to conduct the direly needed blood donation camp,” Mirwaiz Yasir said.


“But Shrinking our space is merely a dream, the voice of Ummat e Islami is impossible to be shrunk, we have shown it when 42 rallies were held across Southern Kashmir in memorial of Dr. Qazi Nisar on 22 June by our leaders,” Mirwaiz Yasir said.

6 Boys Arrested- After being arrested the families of the boys from Khudwani were told that they have been arrested for participating the rally of Dr. Qazi Nisar. This will have a psychological impact. They are both shrinking our space politicaly, physically and psychologically. Why is the state wanting to shrink to our space? Are they that fearful of Ummat e Islami? Yes, they should be, our reach is in nooks and corners of South Kashmir, that is why on 22nd June, rallies were held at 47 different places of South Kashmir.

He said the situation in South Kashmir resembles that of Karbala. In Dochnipora, Islamabad two local Militants Adil Mir and Mohammed Ashraf Itoo and two civilians including Mohammed Yusuf Rather were killed. Shahid was a 9th class student, In Gassipora, Yawar Dar from Gassipora was the sole bread earner to his family,  why are these people being killed? Is this helping India? The atmosphere of bloodshed must be stopped, then we can think of a dialogue and anything else. “How would a family member think of anything when their children are being shot dead?” Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir asked.

Responding to the threat of Lal Singh to the Kashmiri journalist fraternity, Mirwaiz Yasir said the communal agents of the Sangh Parivar have polarised India and sucessfully divided the Muslims of India to help their vote bank grow. Mirwaiz said the inhumane assasination of Shuja’at Bukhari stands a blot on the face of us all. “The Indian Media has declared Shuja’at as the flag bearer of talks while as some agencies are portraying his photos with some BJP leaders, which is nothing shot of ridiculous, for God sake we should all know, Shuja’at was a journalist,” Mirwaiz Yasir said. His job allows and makes him meet anyone, he is not an activist, he was a journalist, Mirwaiz Yasir said. He said that the murder of Shuja’at Bukhari is a wake up call, all of us should stop the Negative campaigns on Social Media. “To Pay the best tributes to him is, preventing and safeguarding the Journalist fraternity of Kashmir who over the years have become the most targets,” Mirwaiz Yasir said.

Mirwaiz Yasir told the Media that upon his visit to the family of Shakoor Dar, he came to know that two brothers of Shakoor are languishing in Jail and one of them is suffering from Cancer. “If Shakoor had picked up Arms, why is Khursheed and Sartaj being punished for that?” Mirwaiz asked. He said Touseef Zarger, the brother of Majid Zarger has also been picked up. “This policy of tit for tat and animosity will lead to more violence,” Mirwaiz Yasir said.

Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir demanding the immediate release of Tehreek e Hurriyat District  president Mir Hazfeezulah said that his family is in enormous need of their bread earner. “On Eid, In Ramadan, he has been away from his children and family, his family is suffering immenesly,” Mirwaiz Yasir said. He said that Hafeezulah too is being made a victim of political animosity. He should be release immediately along with Sarjan Barkati, Shabir Shah and other political prisoners.

Responding to a question by a Journalist, Mirwaiz Yasir said that India needs to understand things from plain stats, Last year, the number of active Militants was 220 at the beginning of 2017, Officially, they managed to kill at least 230 in the last year, today the number of active Militants despite these killings in 260, So as evident, India needs to rethink its Kashmir strategy, because this policy of pellets, bullets and killings is surely not helping, if India does not take its lessons from a 20 year old injured boy travelling 100 Kilometres to participate in the funeral of Shakoor Dar, i think that would be unfortunate.