Muslims League castigates BJP Minister for his remarks

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By Fast Kashmir on 02/06/2018.

Muslims League castigates BJP Minister for his remarks

Srinagar, June 2: Jammu Kashmir Muslim League has castigated Indian Minister Dr Jitendra Singh for stating that separatist leadership can come on table as Indian citizens.

In a statement, Muslim League spokesperson Sajad Ayoubi said that Singh is living in a fool’s paradise and that is why he is spewing venom against Pakistan as well as separatist leadership.

“Separatist leadership has never begged for dialogue but they are seeking and demanding their rights-the right to self determination. India is playing dialogue bogey to buy time and to mislead international community,” he said.


Sajad Ayoubi said that if India would have been sincere it would have accepted Kashmir as a dispute and would have shown sincerity and honesty. “The astute and wily India is only misleading international community and it is buying time,” he said.

He termed Pakistan as “centre of hope” for Kashmir and said that the country was a great blessing for people of Kashmir.

“Pakistan supports the right to self-determination of Kashmiris and helps them on political, diplomatic and moral levels,” he said.

Hailing Pakistan for its unflinching support for Kashmir cause, Sajad Ayoubi said that Pakistan has been established on ideology instead of geography and the fact is that it is a sincere supporter and advocate of Kashmir. (CNS)