My ambition is to get better as an actor : ANKITA  SHRIDHAR

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By FK WEB DESK on 03/06/2018.

My ambition is to get better as an actor : ANKITA  SHRIDHAR

ANKITA SHRIDHAR is an prominent model, actress based in Mumbai. Over the last few months she has done a few TV commercials and print Ads. Some of which have been major campaigns, she also works for television as actress In an exclusive interview with Fast Kashmir she talks on important aspects.

Q1, Tell us bit about your childhood days ?


Ans, I had a very nice simple childhood..I grew up in a normal middle class family. Although I was that kid who always used to be in their own fantasy dream Land.

Q2, What prompted you to acting ?

Ans: I was always mesmerized by films..I remember being obsessed about so many films since childhood.

But the ambition about being an actor started when I was in 11th std and got some random pictures done by a photographer and they ended up on a reputed newspaper magazine.

Q3, Being a women how difficult is this world of movies ?

Ans: I think it’s a lot of hardwork and discipline that goes to be in this industry despite of your gender.. It takes a lot of commitment to keep on working on your dream despite facing failures on a everyday basis.

Q4, Your role model ?

Ans : That would have to be Shahrukh Khan. His life is an incredible saga of success and he has proved that, out of the ordinary..often the extraordinary is born.

Q5, Your main works so far ?

Ans: I have worked in a few TV commercials for reputed brands, my and prints for a clothing brands.

Q6, Future projects?

Ans: I have a few on going projects. Once the team will be ready and production will allow , surely Let you know the exact details .

Q7, How do you find position of women in India ?

Ans: I think we’ve come a long way but there is still a long road towards equality and stafety of women.

Q8, Your ambitions ?

Ans: My ambition is to get better as an actor..and keep working my way up towards my goals.