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By Fast Kashmir on 28/06/2018.

NIA FIR against Aasiyeh Andrabi:

India trying every cheap trick to muzzle genuine Kashmiri voice

Srinagar, June 28: Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Thursday while rejecting the latest recommendation by Indian Ministry of Home Affairs asking the NIA to file a fresh FIR against the party chairperson, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi, said that it was another ploy of India to muzzle the genuine voices in Jammu and Kashmir.

“It exposes the frustration of the Indian government,” DeM spokesperson, Rifat Fatima, said in statement.

She said that the party chairperson along with general secretary, Nahida Nasreen and press secretary, Sofi Fehmeeda are already in jail for the past three months in false and fabricated cases. “India and its stooges know that even if the DeM members are hanged, they will never budge or change their stand. The stand is that the resolution of Kashmir issue lies in the two nation theory and which can only be achieved by holding a plebiscite here. India knows that DeM will never settle for anything less than that,”she added.

She said that Indian government knows the DeM exposes its sinister policies and educates the people about this illegal occupation. ” This why India has been using this NIA drama as it has understood that it has failed to win over Kashmiris by using its 10 lakh forces and now is using these cheap tricks by booking the resistance leadership and the pro-resistance people in false cases so that they can never come out of jails,” she added.

Rifat said that using the court to get the bail Andrabi and others cancelled by the police is a glaring example of sinister Indian policy.

Rifat said that such things hardly matter for the DeM leadership or its cadre. “By caging Andrabi Sahiba or Nahida or Fehmeeda or the other resistance leaders, this movement will never stop. India can cage people but not sentiments or ideologies .This ideology has already been transferred to the younger generation and with its full might, this younger generation is giving a befitting reply to occupier.”

“India must understand that by keeping people jailed in false cases and on the basis of their ideology, nothing is going to change,” she added.

She said that the NIA is being asked to investigate the ideology of resistance leadership. “What is there to investigate, our stand is clear that India is occupying Kashmir illegally so to make it as a basis to ask Indian NIA to conduct investigation is nonsensecal,” she added.

She said that Kashmiris consider India’s occupation as illegal. “This is no secret. No matter how many Aasiyeh Andrabis are jailed or killed, this movement will continue until India leaves Jammu and Kashmir.”

Rifat said the NIA drama was held in the past too and when nothing transpired NlA had to omit the name of the DeM chairperson. “This fresh drama too will meet the same fate as it also is based on falsehood and baselessness,” Rifat added. (CNS)