People no more ready for coalition governments:

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By Fast Kashmir on 21/06/2018.

People no more ready for coalition governments:

Unite J&K by dissolving borders: Muzaffar Shah

Srinagar, June 21:


Srinagar, June 21: Jammu Kashmir Awami National Conference (JKANC) senior vice president Muzaffar Shah has said that the BJP’s pulling out of the PDP-led government in the State has once again brought home the point that the coalition system is not only against the historical demands but has always given rise to political uncertainties in J&K.

“This is the reason that people are no more ready to accept such system,” Muzaffar Shah said in a statement issued to press.

He said the fact remains that in a coalition government of two or more parties, there is always a challenging atmosphere where each parties wants to run the State as per its whims and wishes. “In this rat race, it is the people who are at the receiving end, and suffer due to absence of basic facilities,” he said.

“The grave situation prevailing in Jammu Kashmir has prompted even the United Nations to articulate against the human rights violations in the State,” Shah said.

Photo, Shah Jahangir/FK

The JKANC senior vice president said that for the last 70 years, Kashmir continues to be a grave issue in the context of the political and diplomatic scenario in South Asia. “This region spreads over 85000 square miles awaits resolution and has been a bone of contention between India and Pakistan resulting in unabated border skirmishes between the two nuclear armed neighbours thereby affecting the people of both nations,” he said.

Muzaffar Shah said till the people of Jammu Kashmir are not seen with generosity, they will not accept any system.

“The need of the hour is to unite Jammu Kashmir by dissolving the borders,” Shah said adding that dividing the State into pieces on nationalistic or regional lines is in no way in the interest of J&K.

“Keeping in view the aspirations of the people of all three regions of the State, an atmosphere needs to be created that ends the prevailing uncertainty – where use of force and repression rule the roost – and purges the State from corruption,” the JKANC senior vice president said.

“Suppressing the people’s voices through undemocratic means of military might has to be stopped,” Muzaffar Shah added. (CNS)