Recommend scrapping of Article 370 and let your name be written in golden words of Indian history: BJP affiliated lawyer from UP writes to Governor Vohra

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By Fast Kashmir on 27/06/2018.

Neyaz Elahi

Srinagar, June 27: After the imposition of Governors rule in Jammu and Kashmir, a lawyer from Allahabad High Court on the directions of a lesser known right wing Hindu organization has written a letter to Governor Jammu and Kashmir NN Vohra asking him to use his powers and recommend scrapping of Article 370 from the constitution of India.

In his letter dated June 23 this month, Advocate Udit Chandra while urging Vohra to recommend scraping of the Article 370 has said that ‘history is knocking your door once again’ and ‘let your name be written in golden words in the pages of history’.

The Advocate has said that the Article 370 is temporary and not the basic part of the constitution of India

“That, there is some difference between governor rule in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and in other states. As for a as Governors rule in other states of the country is concerned the same are covered by Article 356 while as per the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir 1956 the same is governed by Article 92. While under Article 357 during governor Rule the powers of the governor are limited and are mostly confined to approval from parliament but the same is not witht Article 92 of the J&K constitution,” he writes in his letter.

Chandra who is affiliated with ruling Bhartiya Janata Party says that from the ‘plain reading of the said provision’ it is ample clear that the governor enjoys ‘unlimited power during the governor rule’, he explains saying that the governor can take all the actions which are necessary for enforcing the proclamation. “The said action includes executive functions, as mentioned in Article 92(1)(a) of the government as well as the legislative function (as mentioned in Article 92 (4) of the constituent Assembly is concerned. It also has the power to suspending the entire constitution of J&K if required,” he writes.

Chandra who has twisted facts about Kashmir writes: “Therefore now seeing the present condition of Kashmir where there is internal threat to people of J&K and because of huge lack of development for past 70 years, you have ample power to send a formal recommendation to the president to revoke Article 370 by assuming the power of constituent assembly as mentioned in Article 92 of J&K constitution,” writes Chandra.

He further writes: “Thus article 35 A also gets repealed and there will not be any embargo from citizen of India to purchase land and to setup industries in J&K which will bring exceptional level of development in J&K state and will benefit its people.”

“Entire country is looking up to you and your action in these six months which will change the course of development not only of the people of Jammu and Kashmir but also people of India,” reads the concluding part of the letter, a copy of which lies with news agency CNS.