Shabby roads mar Kashmir

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By Fast Kashmir on 28/06/2018.

Shabby roads mar Kashmir

Srinagar, Jun 28: Roads considered are mirror of any concerned state the Kashmir division road network has been a constant source of worry to masses over the past many decades.

Shoaib Ahmad, a student stated ”Roads in Kashmir from North to South to Central Kashmir are in utter disaster. Construction is often bad , and in no time, what appears as a being job done in a beautiful manner turns out to be a horror dream. Potholes opening every now and then Mars the pedestrians and commuters. The state invests so much in road construction, taking resources from other equally important sectors to meet the needs of the road sector but the end results are disappointing.”

From long the activists and masses have noted with concern the poor quality of some roads recently constructed in the state. It has become a vicious cycle of road repairs and deterioration.


Arshid Ahmad, commoner states:”The gross nature of apathy shown by some government officials entrusted with the duty of supervising government projects also abounds in the state to the extent that masses feel disheartened work of our administration.

Even common people on many times have alleged that some contractors have in the past gotten away with very poor work, because no one seemed to be bothered by this as no effective monitoring maintained to keep a track of the efficiency of work done. They were accountable to themselves only. We need to take holistic steps to improve the road network infra. Look at the roads of capital city Srinagar they are in utter chaos and confusion due to messy conditions. ”

Expert opinion is that bad roads are also responsible for increased road accidents in the state. We have witnessed thousands of precious lives lost in the hilly state of Jammu & Kashmir on account of the awful condition of majority of roads in the state.

It is high time that mess in road sector is addressed by those at helm of affairs. (KNB)