Umar Nisar greets his people on “Jumma tul wida” 

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By Fast Kashmir on 08/06/2018.

Srinagar; June 08: Umar Nisar Director  Pannun FM Digital Media & Broadcasting Network, has greeted the people of Jammu and Kashmir and the world on the eve of Jumma tul wida.
In his message, Umar described the occasion as an opportunity to seek Almighty Allah’s mercy and blessings for peace and wellbeing of the entire humanity.
‘’we should vow to be compassionate and work towards strengthening the bonds of brotherhood, love and amity among the people’’, Umar Said.
He also described this day as a sacred occasion for seeking Allah’s forgiveness. He said this day also reminds us all of the hard struggle that
Prophet Mohammad (SAW) launched for the welfare of humanity and how he ascended the heights of glory as a result.