Abrogation of Article 35A will Lead to Disaster : Mir Iqbal

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By Fast Kashmir on 31/07/2018.

Abrogation of Article 35A will Lead to Disaster : Mir Iqbal

Srinagar, 31 July: State youth congress General Secretary Mir Iqbal Ahmad here on today said that Bjp is using Judiciary for its political gains and is trying to get benefit while putting state of J&k on fire.

In a Statement Mir said, that Article 35A is identity of JK and we are enjoying this identity and prevelage since decads before partition of India. SC of India must take notice of this. There r many more states in india who are enjoying special status. There are particular areas in North Eastern states where outsiders are even not allowed to enter. Then why the issue of 35A is being raised. The intention behind this is dirty politics of bjp and nothing more.

He said promise are not made for particular time and to brake. We have been promised by the founding fathers of constitution of India for this special status and no body can brake this promise.

He further said if any feature of Article 35A is altered the entire Jammu Kashmir and ladakh will unite irrespective of different ideologies and priorities. And this will be the begning of new moment. This moment will get support from every house , from every nook and corner. I being the part of main stream politics will be the first person to join this.

We will never let bjp to change our identity for its dirty political gains. I appeal all the citizens of JK before the upcoming SC verdict on 35A we need to show our concern to the SC of India.

We can use social media, print media and also petitions. We need to make people aware about this dirty politics. We need to unite and fight for our identity.