CPI(M) District Committee Kulgam elects new District Secretary;

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By Fast Kashmir on 11/07/2018.

Condemns the death of innocent civilians and 

Urges the the govt.to activate the concerned authorities to control the fresh alternaria attack on apple trees.

Kulgam July11: CPI(M) District Committee Kulgam held an important meeting today the 10th of July 2018 at its office in Kulgam.Among others the meeting was attended by the party State Secy.,Gh. Nabi Malik.Senior State committee member,Gh.Mohideen Lone chaired the meeting.The committee delibrated on the issue of ongoing human rights violations in Kashmir,the over all political situation and sorted out some important organisational issues as well.The committee condoled the death of uninvolved and innocent civilians  killed in Hawoora-Redwani area of KUlgam.recently by the indiscriminate firing of  forces.It urged upon the Governor’s administration to put an end to the collateral loss as the killings of civilians is not only totally  un-acceptable but is also detrimental to political proccess,democratic norms and efforts in the path of political initiatives for reolving the Kashmir conundrum.It was also urged that Kashmir issue can not be resolved by violence and counter violence but by sincere and sustained political dialogue.The committee analysed the overall political situation and asserted that the Sang Parivar led by RSS-BJP combine is bent upon futhering its  communal and divisive agenda for the sake of coming parlimentary elections 0f 2019.These forces also want to vitiate the atmosphere in J&K and play the card of communalist regionalism so as to gain the lost ground in the state as well as in the country as a whole.

The committee took  note of the serious situation facing the fruit industry ,which is under an  attack of the desease called “Alternairia”nowadays.The committee strongly put forward the demand that the Horticulture department and the Agriculture Univercity ,SKUAST,should be activated to  analyse this and other deadly diseases which have devastated the apple crop in Kashmir valey.It was also stressed that the concerned field officials must visit the effected areas and suggest remidies at the earliest.In addition the damage must be assessed and the sufferers extended the compensation ,The committee expressed its dismay that despite repeated demands over a long period of time the government has still not implimented the crop insurance scheme  in Kashmir valley.

The committee which was attended by 20 out of 22 members discussed many organisational matters threadbare.It unanimusly elected the senior member, Mohd. Afzal paray as District Secy.(Kulgam) in place of Mohd.Amin Dar Who resigned yesterday from the secretaryship and also the basic membership of the party.Three member District  Secretariat  consisting of three state committee members from the same district also was unanimously elected. An office secretary was also elected to run the office smoothly.