CPI(M) pays rich tribute to July 13 martyrs

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By Fast Kashmir on 13/07/2018.

CPI(M) pays rich tribute to July 13 martyrs

Supreme sacrifices by martyrs led to dawning of a new era in J&K

Srinagar, July 13: While paying glowing tributes to July 13, 1931 martyrs, State Secretary CPI (M) Ghulam Nabi Malik Friday said the day has to be commemorated as the struggle of the people of Jammu and Kashmir for upholding the values of democracy, social justice and human values.

The July 13 martyrs are signposts of human rights protection, courage and sacrifice, rich values which should guide us in our political and social life. The struggle ultimately fructified and helped the suppressed people of the state to live with dignity, self respect and honour.

The uprising against the tyranny and autocratic rule of Maharaja by the people laid a strong edifice for unifying the people, rising above narrow considerations that finally culminated in initiating a process of their empowerment. The supreme sacrifices by the martyrs led to the dawning of a new era in the state.

J&K has glorious tradition of societal harmony which has survived many challenges. Those elements who are trying to shatter the secular and plural ethos of our State should not be allowed to succeed in their nefarious designs.

Martyr’s Day serves us as a reminder to protect and promote the rights of people and not succumb to pressures of different shades of vested interest. By virtue of supreme sacrifices offered by the martyrs, the State has made significant strides including landmark Agrarian Reforms, but much more is needed to be done to accomplish their (martyrs) mission.

Protecting the livelihood rights of the common man and the democratic aspirations of the people of each region and community remains a foremost task for all of us. It becomes imperative to remind ourselves to steadfastly work for the unity of our people and not to allow the communal and divisive forces succeed in their nefarious designs.

Malik also expresses regret that no one from the administration visited the Martyrs graveyard at Khawaja Bazar in old city to pay tributes to the July 13 martyrs as was the tradition in the past.