Dissent within PDP surfaces in open

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By Fast Kashmir on 02/07/2018.

Dissent within PDP surfaces in open

Imran Ansari distances himself from party, calls Mehbooba ‘incompetent’

Srinagar, Jul 02: As the political uncertainty continues to loom large in J&K, the differences within the former ruling party PDP have began coming out wide open with its senior party members breaking the shackles and expressing the dissent publically thus embarrassing the party.
In the latest development the senior party leader and former minister Imran Raza Ansari in a surprising move targeted the PDP president and former chief minister Mehbooba Mufti by accusing her of remaining ‘incompetent’ that according to Ansari led to the collapse of her dispensation.
Speaking to Kashmir News Service (KNS), the former IT minister said that Mehbooba not only failed the PDP as a party, but also knocked down the hopes and the dreams of her own father and the PDP founder Mufti Mohammad Sayeed had envisaged while founding the party. He added that blaming BJP for pulling the government down only for the sake of power was rubbish and said that it was instead Mehbooba’s failure to lead the government efficiently.
He said that BJP supported the coalition government wholeheartedly and it was because of their endeavors that such a huge chunk of money was released to state for various developmental activities however, Mehbooba’s ‘incompetence’ as a leader resulted in the failure of the government machinery. Ansari said that PDP and the government had off late been reduced to a family opera where the brothers, the uncles, the aunties and other relatives would play protagonist and to continue with such a party was not only useless but a humiliation too.
The former IT minister said that he has now decided to distance himself from the party where the opinion of the senior leaders doesn’t carry any meaning. He however added that he has not resigned as a legislator or from the basic membership of the party as of now, but clarified that the party has lost its essence and being called the leader of such a party was itself meaningless.
When asked if he has conveyed his dissent to the party president, Ansari said “when the party is not in-order at first place, why should one convey decisions to the president.”
Imran Raza Ansari’s shocker has come a day after his uncle and another PDP legislator Abid Ansari made similar remarks about Mehbooba Mufti on Sunday giving a hint that everything was not going well in the party post the government fall.
Imran Ansari blamed Mehbooba Mufti for the government fall and said Mrs Mufti should be personally held responsible for the debacle. (KNS)