Don’t pay heed to rumours over Govt formation: Omar asks media persons

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By Fast Kashmir on 02/07/2018.

‘BJP playing with sentiments of people by raising issues prior to elections to gain votes’

Srinagar, Jul 02: Former chief minister and National Conference (NC) Vice-president, Omar Abdullah on Monday asked media persons not to pay heed over the rumours regarding the formation of next dispensation in the State.
According to the KNS correspondent, talking to media persons on the sidelines of the party meeting in Anantnag, Omar said, “In Jammu and Kashmir, Ghulam Nabi Azad is the most senior Congress leader and when he has denied the party’s support over the formation of next government then I believe there was no need to discuss the issue and to pay heed over the rumours.”
He said that his party is seeking the dissolution of assembly forthwith to put an end to such rumours and horse-trading here. “We don’t demand elections in the State in a hurry rush as we know that the atmosphere is not conducive for the polls. Even the parliamentary elections were not held in South Kashmir due to the non-conducive atmosphere. So, we only want that the assembly should be dissolved immediately so that the rumors and horse-trading will come to an end,” he said.
Referring to a query about civilian killings, Omar said that “we all should focus on restoration of peace and to put an end to the civilian killings. To be in power is not my destiny or desire as I could have sat on the chair by going with BJP or someone else but the priority is to bring peace in Jammu and Kashmir and to put an end to the civilian killings here.”
“At least we should bring the situation like 2014 here following which the formation of government can be discussed,” he said.
Asked about BJP’s statement over Article 370 and Babri Masjid, Omar said that the Article 370 and 35-A is currently sub judice. “The Supreme Court (SC) has already stated that the issues will be discussed after summer break. The BJP is always raising such issues prior to the elections and then put them in cold-store. If Prime Minister Narendra Modi could have been serious then they he would have eroded Article 370 and would have also constructed temple at Babri Masjid in four years of his tenure. But unfortunately, such parties are only playing with the sentiments of people by raising such issues to gain votes,” he said.
Asked about the statements of NC leaders over erosions of institutions here, he said that they have already urged the government to take up the matter. “Some decisions were taken but there is need to re-consider these decisions. At some places, the amount has been spent according to the documents but on the ground nothing has been done. Rs 400 crore has been spent on dredging but where were these crores spent as a day-long rains resulted in the floods like situation here,” he said, adding that the party has already demanded inquiry into such issues. (KNS)