If MLA’s face threats from NIA what about common Kashmiris. Er Rasheed

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By Fast Kashmir on 23/07/2018.

Says Mainstream politics loosing its worth in J&K

Karnah 22 July: Lashing out at Mehbooba Mufti for her claims that NIA is being used to pressurize her MLA’s AIP President Er. Rasheed has said that whatsoever the truth may be her claim has exposed the fear psychosis among kashmiri politicians which they have been suffering and hiding since1947. While addressing the party workers at Khowerpara, Taad and Upper Amrohie today Er.Rasheed said that those talking of resolving kashmir issue within the ambits of Indian constitution have exposed their worth by crying that their MLA’s are being harassed by the NIA for political purposes. Er. Rasheed said, “If Mehbooba Mufti feels so scared and is apprehensive about the safety of her own MLA’s ,it is not difficult to imagine that what would be the fate of a common Kashmiris crying for resolution to Kashmir dispute on the streets. If those who have full faith in Indian constitution , believe J&K to be India’s integral part, have bulldozed the rights of Kashmiris face the loyalty and credibility crisis before Indian agencies, what would be the feelings of a common kashmiri who needs to prove his identity everyday and is always under scanner”. Er.Rasheed added that none accept NC,PDP and other mainstream parties are too be blamed for taking things to a position where a former CM has to cry about the immoral and unethical threats allegedly being faced by her MLA’s. He said, “the lack of consistency , sincerity and commitment besides having one point agenda to grab power has rendered mainstream Kashmiri politicians like beggars and made them to live like parasites on New Delhi. The history is witness that both NC and PDP have never talked from a position of strength and have preferred to play with the words thus allowing New Delhi not to take these power hungry politicians seriously. Mehbooba Mufti’s revelation has eroded the credibility of main stream and those claiming main stream parties to be New Delhi’s puppets have been proved vindicated. Lets us not forget that Omar Abdullah in his regime cleared way for central agencies to extend their domain to J&K and Mehbooba Mufti implemented it by dragging Hurriyat leaders and all those seeking resolution to Kashmir dispute in accordance with sacrifices and sentiments of people to NIA. She must answer why didn’t she reacted to same claims when Huriyat leaders and me were crying same claims”. Er. Rasheed added that central Govt. must respond to what Mehbooba has said and said that whatsoever her intentions may be in making the claim  all mainstream parties need to realize that how New Delhi has been using Kashmiris like tissue papers.