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By Fast Kashmir on 18/07/2018.

Malik Sameed

Srinagar, 18 July: The State of Jammu & Kashmir is always in highlights of National News for some or the other. The recent event was big enough to stay in headlines for weeks and months. The breakup of alliance between BJP & PDP was as shocking as the building up in 2014 Assembly Elections. The ideological differences between the two parties were widening up since a year.

Going deeper into the reason, one thing that can be seen clearly is the issue of Ceasefire. Mehbooba was in favour of stopping all military operations and build a space in hearts of people. However, the other hand, the situation didn’t go well even in the the Holy Month of Ramazan ceasefire.

As we further go in, we find more & more reasons are getting clear. Before that, let us have a quick glimpse how it all started. In the 2014 Assembly Elections, PDP promoted themselves without any coalition. They campaigned against BJP saying BJP is Pro Hindu and Pro RSS. BJP, under leadership of Prime Minister of Modi promised major reforms – Removing Article 370, Having Uniform Civil Code etc.But everything turned blank when there was no clear majority. These reforms were the major foundations on which the party was founded, which were ignored.

History is witness whenever there is no clear majority, there is forceful alliance of two different ideologies that want to be in power and is never stable. PDP which was spreading hatred against RSS, now merged with BJP to be in power. The contradiction starts here. Its nothing new to PDP, since the beginning, Mufti has joined hands with National Conference and a long time with Congress in the past to get in power.

Here who is at stake – The innocent citizens/voters. They are being offered two different sets of promises of two different ideologies, uncertain which will be fulfilled. Hence the trust of Public with the PDP CM is shaken. PDP has quite neglected the common people of the state. Hence there were moments of celebration for people when the BJP came out of alliance and the PDP CM has to resign.

If we just see the CM and State Leadership of J&K, it has been dominated by the incomplete tenures of family vested Leaders and Governors’ Rule. Most of the leaders have treated Kashmir as a private limited company.

Common People and Civil Societies were not given much importance in the state, however, recently civil society under Jammu Kashmir Coordination Committee aimed to address the pertaining issues called upon a global humanitarian leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in the state to interact locals. Sri Sri is a big influence all over the globe who has initiated the conflict resolutions in Columbia, Iraq and other major parts of the world. Never before in the history of the state, had about 12000 people of all backgrounds of the state come to listen a spiritual leader.

As against the good response by the common people, radicals & some people from mainstream parties portrayed it as Hindu backing of the RSS and seeing people connect to him so much, they fear their old tactics to be in power may not work.

In the end, more than the rulers of the state, the people should be happy. Presently, people in state are more happy with the Governor Rule as they think their voice will get heard and a better sense of security will prevail. Recently, PM Modi assured that his agenda for Kashmir is Good Governance, Accountability & Development for all. If PM is sincere in his actions, he will surely receive the respect and regard from people of Kashmir as of former cadre of BJP especially Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Lal Krishan Advani. (KNB)