Meet Abida who set an example of success despite odds

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By Fast Kashmir on 17/07/2018.

Meet Abida who set an example of success despite odds

Malik Sameed

Srinagar, Jul 17: In a conflict torn state like Kashmir, Abida Akhtar has made everyone proud by winning Silver medal with a podium finish in the 48kg (sanshou event) in the Malaysia Wushu International Championship.

Belonging from a far flung area, Abida’s struggle started before she could understand the world,  She was barely 18 months old when her father Khushi Mohammad, a Jammu and Kashmir Policeman was killed by unknown gunmen in Kashmir. Without any source of income, the family of four, including Abida’s mother and two siblings, struggled to make ends meet.

The struggle of Abida Akhtar not ends here, her two-year-old marriage ended in divorce but she stand again with her game.

“After my divorce, I feel so lonely people of my locality earlier used to tell my mother that girls are not meant for sports, but my mother never paid any heed, she always supported me,” said Abida while talking with KNB.

“It was very difficult for me to continue my game after my divorce as my life was totally struck and it took me eight to nine months to come out from this trauma, but I am thankful to my mother and coach who supported me throughout my life journey,” she added.

During my marriage life, I could not think to continue my game as my in-laws place was not favorable. I always have my mother’s backing,” says Abida.

While talking to Kashmir News Bureau, Fasil the coach of Abida stated that “Abida is very talented girl, she always attend training as she had to trek five kilometers in rough terrain and travel another eight km by auto or public transport, she is inspiration for all girls not only in Jammu and Kashmir but in whole world.

“I remember when it was her marriage ceremony, me and my students of Academy decided to give a surprise to Abida and her family, we arranged a power generator and some electric items. As we walked 5 kms with generator and when started it, Abida came out and started crying loudly as it was first time she saw light in her house. That moment was colorful and best gift for Abida,” says Fasil. (KNB)