Meet Mehvish the first women to start Cafe in Kashmir

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By Fast Kashmir on 19/07/2018.

Meet Mehvish the first women to start Cafe in Kashmir

Srinagar 19 July: While it’s true that self-employment has been rising swiftly in the last decade, Mehvish Mehraj Zargar, a 25 Years old young girl went right ahead and started “Me N U” cafe, in Bemina area of Srinagar.

Belonging from Lalbazar area of Srinagar, Mehvish is a law graduate student decided to open the café to support her mother and sibling.

In a conversion with Kashmir News Bureau, Mehvish said “After the death of my father, it was very tough job for my mother to continue our study, but still shed managed three of us to studied well,”.

“I always had a dream to start a café rather than boutique and parlour, because I myself was addicted to going cafes.”

“As a girl, some 10 percentage people criticize me and my family that how can a girl start a café of her own but thanks to almighty remaining 90 percent people supported and guided me and now after launching I am getting to appreciation and good response from people of my Kashmir,” said Mehvish further during conversation with Kashmir News Bureau.

No one can stop you expect yourself, work hard and realize your dream, don’t think what people will say, if you do good or bad people would talk, so set your dream and go on,” said Mehvish to those girls who want to start their own business.

“Only boys can’t do business, we girls have capability to start our own like in other parts of world,” says Mehvish.

Pertinently, many young women from Kashmir have started their own venture from last couple of years.(KNB)