Need to introduce self defense curriculum for women

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By Fast Kashmir on 30/07/2018.

Need to introduce self defense curriculum for women
Fozia Majeed

Srinagar, Jul 30: Women folk now enroll themselves in martial art classes to get self defense trainings. Self defense strategies and techniques work equally for both men and women, but let’s face it women need to learn them more than men because they face many incidents of verbal and sexual harassments in their everyday life.

Statistics shows that one in three women will be the victim of some violent type of attack in her lifetime. Most of the self defense courses focus on skills for quickly and efficiently attack the attacker. These courses also include some methods for preventing a confrontation from turning physical in the first place. There are number of effective self defense concepts and techniques which these classes incorporated them into their curriculum.
Everybody in our society even parents of a girl tell her always try to evade from a situation where you find yourself in a dangerous atmosphere. But it is not as easier as it looks to steer away from a threat of a psycho attacker. During an assault a woman not only face the physical misbehave but she also experience fear and panic, along with a natural adrenaline rush. You may experience tunnel vision, auditory exclusion and loss of fine motor skills. It’s not possible to see and hear, and complex martial arts techniques to perform in every situation. But a woman always should have trust on herself. Women at times ignore the little voice that tells them trouble is coming. Your instinct is the best detector of danger. The next time you hear that little voice, listen what it is saying.

Don’t wait to be assaulted first then you join the self defense classes. Every day we came to know such cruel kind of women assaults through papers, TV and from social sites. A physical assault is not bearable in any way they give you goose bumps and only when you just watch or listen about them. Attackers search for women who appear frightened, confused or distracted. Attacker wants an easy mark. By walking with confidence and awareness–looking around and keeping your head up you will reduce the likelihood of becoming target in first place. Most of the attackers fell confident that you won’t defend yourself, and you should capitalize on that misconception. If you show a martial art stance, it immediately tells the attacker that you can fight. Let you use your secret weapon as the element of surprise for him.

A woman’s big problem is that she considers herself very weak, helpless and threatened, which cause harm only to her. In many situations a woman doesn’t have time to wait for a hero who saves her. They should be quick and fast in their every move whether it is a martial art technique or just a simple thronging of an object towards the attacker, if you cannot do big but you still can injure him and that should be very serious injury so that it gives you some more time to show your next move or you can exit from the place. Body parts don’t know how they get injured whether it is by a rod, chair, a brick or even a kick to his sensitive parts, but it should be in a full force.

Ajaz Ah Bhat Secretary General World Tang-ta Federation talking to Kashmir News Bureau said, “We teach martial arts to both girls and boys, but for girls we prepare them for special training i.e. street fight self defense where they can bite the attacker use some bad words for physiological effect .If attacker try to hold the Girl she can spit on the face of attacker he leaves the girl and try to wipe off the face at that time she gets some more seconds to use another move or she can run away,” he added.
Stop showing your weak emotions, tears and fear. It is the do or die situation where self defense techniques will only help you when you are confident about yourself in a violent encounter. Self defense does not mean you will be able to successfully defend yourself, its yourself confidence which will succeed you. Self defense is using your smart not only your fists. So if you find yourself in a dangerous situation and you don’t know any technique ladies just use your smart brain. (KNB)