The dignity of life in Kashmir losing sheen 

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By Fast Kashmir on 11/07/2018.

The dignity of life in Kashmir losing sheen 
Bilal Bashir Bhat

Srinagar, Jul 11: Life is a precious gift bestowed to a living thing by god without any prior urge or demand. The dynamics of human life is to ensure its safety, security and to spend it fearlessly. In Jammu and Kashmir especially in Valley, the life has become so irrelevant that dead graph of the precious lives is rising with every passing day. History bear witness to the fact that violent conflict is synonymous with the cost of precious human lives. To devise a mechanism for saving the lives and live a life of dignity should be the major concern of all the stakeholders of the conflict.
The vicious cycle of deaths in Kashmir has put the inhabitants on edge particularly youth, where there is no safety and security. Every time a person becomes a victim to the conflict whether a policeman, militant, army man or a civilian always a precious life is lost this can’t be compensated via tributes, condemnations or Hartals.
With over 60% of youth population, one can term the Kashmir as ‘Young Kashmir’ the fear and agony of the youth because of the life threats concludes the discussion of youth scenario as abnormality.
The life is all about ups and downs, the present young generation of Kashmir since its existence has never seen normalcy or what is termed as ‘peace’ the lack of political space and state’s pushing to wall policy is forcing youth to opt for extreme steps. As such the innocent lacking reasons to live opt to die what they term it as ‘dignified dead.’
Ironical part of Kashmir’s grave scenario is that so far no one from any quarter has come on forefront to understand youth that nothing can be achieved by wrapping shroud and that the issue is between India and Pakistan with people of Kashmir its main stakeholders.
The feel of insecurity among youth not only forcing them to opt arms, but in most of the cases, the statics shows it psychological break down among people mostly the kith and kin of the deceased youth. The situation of Kashmir not allows an aged father or mother whose son died in a ‘dignified manner’ to recall his/her ordeal of helplessness. As such they also feel that to bear the sufferings is dignity. In nutshell, every sphere of life in Kashmir holds the suffering, agony, threat and pain.
The other part of the Kashmir’s poor situation is that we have no example of fearless and dignified life, among us who got an opportunity to get exposure outside the world can little understand the cost and the significance of life.
With rising number of deaths and destruction, it is high time that the people at the helm of affairs should break the ice and come forward to save the generation and understand the significance and dignity of life.
The resolution perhaps not demanded the death and destruction but a mindset which full of intellect, strategy, and courage to address the issues in a way that no precious life is brought to death and to understand the dynamics and values of life.
The writer is Kashmir based freelance journalist can be reached at [email protected]