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By FK WEB DESK on 20/07/2018.

What is being done by Indian forces in Kashmiri villages is glaring example of their colonial mindset // Muhammad Yasin Malik 

Srinagar, 20 July:  Besieging villages and towns in the name of crackdown especially during night hours, vandalizing and destroying residential houses, private vehicles, orchards and paddy fields, beating men and women, children and elders without the discrimination of age and gender, terrorizing common people by unleashing terror and after unleashing all this naked terrorism, denying it unashamedly is nothing but colonial mindset at its worst. This was stated by the chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) in a statement issued to media today.

            Terming the ongoing reign of terror unleashed by Indian army, SOG and forces throughout Kashmir especially in southern and northern districts of Kashmir including Pulwama, Shupian, Kulgam, Islamabad, Bandipora, Kupwara etc as naked terrorism, JKLF chairman said that recent nocturnal crackdown at Mochwara Shupian during which terrorists in uniform went berserk and tortured men, women, children and elders of whole village, vandalized and destroyed residential houses, vehicles and peoples properties as an example of colonial mindset in the garb of so-called democracy, JKLF chairman said that desecration of graveyards and other religious places, Attacks on families of rivals, destroying residential houses , orchards, paddy fields, beating to pulp everyone who comes their way without the discrimination of age and gender, incarcerating and torturing political leaders and activists and terrorizing whole villages and families can only be termed as inhuman, unethical acts of cowardice and terrorism in uniform. He said that when news, photos and videos of this reign of terror comes to forth, army spokesman and the so-called rulers immediately come up with unashamed responses, shamelessly denying everything and belying those oppressed. JKLF chairman said though oppression is going on in Jammu Kashmir from last many years, but after the imposition of Governors rule in Jammu Kashmir, this oppression has increased alarmingly and it has in fact beaten all previous records.

JKLF Chairman said that Kashmir is burning and Kashmiris are being terrorized by the so-called biggest democracy but no one is paying heed to the cries of Kashmiris. Our young and old are being slaughtered, arrested, tortured, tormented and humiliated with impunity by Indian occupational army, police, and forces. Our villages are being attacked, vandalized, houses destroyed and inhabitants beaten ruthlessly but no one seems to bother or feel any pain or responsibility to stop this.

JKLF chairman said that Kashmiris are also part of human kind, they also have human rights and human dignity and it is the responsibility of fellow humans to come to their rescue and stop those hands which are unleashing oppression on them. He said that recent UN report on Kashmir has raised hopes among Kashmiris and this report now needs a serious follow up so that Kashmiris are saved from the wrath of the Indian oppressors.

While condemning the plight of Kashmiri inmates languishing in different jails of India including Tihar Jail and the jails of Jammu Kashmir, JKLF chairman said that thousands of young and old are being terrorized and tortured in jails and police along with the civil authorities are employing every tactic to prolong their incarceration. Recently an inmate Ghulam Hassan Malik @ Noor Khan breathed his last in Kot-balwal Jail. This dying human was tied to a chain even on death bed which speaks volumes about the oppressors, said JKLF chairman. He said that ICRC and other international human rights organizations should take a note of these atrocities being committed on Kashmiri inmates and use their good offices to provide relief to these inmates.