Why you Ran out of Kashmir, What happened to the 56 inch Chest : Usman Majid to PM Modi

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By Fast Kashmir on 04/07/2018.

Why you Ran out of Kashmir, What happened to the 56 inch Chest : Usman Majid to PM Modi

Srinagar, State General Secretry of Pradesh Congress Committee and MLA Bandipora Usman Majid here on today questioned Prime Minister Narender Modi of ran out of Kashmir. Majid said that the promises made with the people by BJP Govt in elections have remained unfulfilled even aftr 4 years. What happened to the 56 inch Chest of Prime Minister Narender Modi asked Usman.

Majid said that the BJP opted out of power after destroying the peaceful Kashmir Valley. The situation has never before deteriorated to this extent, rivers of blood have never flown so extensively & never have so many civilians & soldiers lost their lives before.

He said that the government in Kashmir was formed due to the greediness of the BJP. The people of both Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh are paying a heavy price for this greediness. He said that the increase in violence in Kashmir has been the outcome of the weak and flawed policies of both BJP’s Govt.

Majid blamed previous alliance of BJP and PDP in the State for the deteriorating and present situation in Kashmir valley. Majid said the current grave situation of alienation and hopelessness was a gift of the failed PDP-BJP government and they had pushed the state into the throes of instability, misery and turmoil. He said that the BJP was more responsible for the situation in the state than the PDP and the national party carried more weight in the coalition.

Majid blamed the previous PDP BJP dispensation for failing people on every count, saying that the both the parties have not only backstabbed people, but looted them in every respect. Both PDP BJP remained committed to their self-interests, as a result, the people in all the three regions were made to suffer immensely in every respect, he added.

MLA Bandipora blamed both PDP BJP for ignoring people on political lines, saying that during these three years rule of PDP BJP people have not seen any development, rather the exploitation and victimization on the part of ruling parties pushed them to wall.

While addressing Media Persons Majid Lashed out at both PDP BJP for the mess in all the three regions of the State, He said PDP & BJP have failed people on every count, as that no development has taken place.

He said the defunct and immoral alliance has left a lesson for the people to take their decisions with caution and sagacity for which the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh are known.