Despite Tension, 67,218 Youth Applied In JK Police

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By Fast Kashmir on 11/08/2018.

Despite Tension, 67,218 Youth Applied In JK Police
Fozia Majeed

Srinagar, Aug 11: After stepping into the world of dreams, everyone wants to live a luxurious life, if not a living like Bill Gates but at least a good, happy and comfortable life is all we want.These desires lead a person to journey towards many destinations.  A successful life does not every time mean you have everything but at least right to food.
With due to the deadly conflict, people of Kashmiri have been living in the distressing circumstances for the last more than three decades. Younger generation of Kashmir only became the witnesses and victims of the continuing bloodshed. But life does not stop here as these turmoil and uncertainty have unfortunately become part of our life now.
As head of the family or if a person is lone bread earner in the house, he needs to work for his family. Because of these crises, Kashmir faces a huge unemployment, poor education system, low business, nepotism, lack of industries, poor governance which becomes a reason of fewer opportunities for individuals. 
Despite the life threats from certain quarters, many Kashmiri boys choose to go in the recruitments of Jammu and Kashmir police ,armed  forces, paramilitary etc.The reason behind these risk taking jobs are there families to whom they have to provide two time meals if not the other things like education, good clothes yearly vacations etc. 
It is fact, that whenever a police carries recruitment in Kashmir thousands of youth apply for the different posts to get a job. As per reports more than 3000 Kashmiri youth participated in a two day recruitment drive conducted by the Jammu & Kashmir police recently.
Recently Hizbul Mujahideen militant group spread posters in south Kashmir threatening the SPOs to quit their jobs or face dire consequences. In spite of these life threats Kashmiri join police line because life without food and basic needs in life ultimately leads them and their family to graves and this is a basic need for survival.
In nutshell, due to the lack of employment youth choose to go into the risky jobs where they can be dead at any time just to meet their daily basic needs. (KNB)