Er. Rasheed condemns Rahul Gandhi for comparing Muslim Bortherhood with RSS

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By Fast Kashmir on 25/08/2018.

Asks congress to focus on real issues

Handwara 25 August: Condemning Congress President Rahul Gandhi for his derogatory remarks against Muslim brotherhood, AIP President Er. Rasheed has accused congress of playing dirty politics to strengthen its vote bank. In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said “While BJP’s anti-Muslim ideology and politics is open like a book congress has been stabbing Muslims from the behind. Be it demolition of Babri Masjid or anti-Muslim riots, congress rulers have facilitated and orchestrated most of the conspiracies since 1947 and under the garb of claiming being secular, the party has exploited Indian Muslims. While majority of the Indian Muslims have no expectations from Narindra Modi and the Sang Parivar, Rahul Gandhi has started playing a tactful card to disgrace Muslims at the international level and appease his vote Bank at the national level. Mr. Rahul Gandhi needs to learn that Muslim brotherhood got power in Egypt through democratic means and unlike RSS nowhere in its agenda it believes in discriminating people on the basis of religious, caste or sectarian affiliations. The brief period Muslim brotherhood rules Egypt was a golden era and once they were thrown out of power the whole region turned into flames. Let Mr. Rahul Gandhi stop from drawing shameful comparisons and understand that neutral political analysts all over the world baring few incidents praised even Talban rule headed by Mullah Omer in Afghanistan. By talking about ISIS threat perception in India Rahul Gandhi is making Indian Muslims not only vulnerable but his statement deserves full condemnation”. Er. Rasheed asked Rahul Gandhi not to forget that wherever there is instability in Muslim world, it is the outside intervention that has destabilized Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and other regions. Er. Rasheed appealed Rahul Gandhi to stop disgracing and humiliating not only Indian Muslims but the entire Umah for his vote bank politics and must concentrate on  genuine issues India is facing.