Ex-MLA Nizamuddin-Bhat is a big Liar, Playing cheap Politics & Misleading People: Usman Majid 

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By Fast Kashmir on 08/08/2018.

Srinagar, August 07:  The long pending demand of the people of Bandipora fulfilled, 59 kms long Srinagar-Bandipora road finally Blacktopped. The road which connects Bandipora with the summer capital Srinagar got approval from central government last year, finally Blacktopped after Long span of time.

Locals of Bandipora said that the road was in dilapidated condition from last couple of years due to which commuters werr facing troubles in reaching Srinagar.

Keeping in view the situation of this road, MLA Bandipora Usman Majid, took this matter to central government for the redressal of this genuine issue , and finally road got approval by Central government last year.

Meanwhile a large Delegation met MLA Majid here on today who expressed gratiude. They said that this is another achievement of worthy MLA, and it happened all due his efforts. They have thanked the concerned MLA for taking the issue seriously in very short time. They said that the macadamization of this road was the long pending demand of the people. MLA Bandipora is committed to provide all basic amenities to the people of his constituency, they added.

The delegation complimented the MLA for his tireless efforts in getting the developmental scenario of the constituency transformed. They said the efforts are discernible across the constituency with various projects and schemes moving in right direction. Delegation said Usman has taken historic initiatives despite being in the opposition and those who have been MLA’s here in the past have never bothered for the development of the constituency.

MLA Bandipora Usman Majid also thanked the people for their support and dedication. He said that I always need support of my people in every developmental initiative related to our constituency, so that we can bring change and development to our constituency in every sphere.

Pertinently, Majid was draped in a white cloth and protested against dilapidated condition of Bandipora- Sumbal road, demanded macadamisation in 2017 assembly session, Majid raised matter in house, after which the then R&B Minister Abdul Rehman Veeri gave assurance to Majid in house, after which it was formally approved under CRF.

Meanwhile MLA Majid accused that Ex-MLA Nizamuddin Bhat of playing cheap politics & Misleading people of Bandipora. He said, In today’s world not even a kid can talk about such things. It was something very uncalled for. Time and again he has proved that he can only talk about irrelevant things.

He has therefore proved once a liar always a liar. Today he has again proved and showed people who he really is and refreshed in everyone’s mind that he is nothing but one who speaks untruth, Majid added.

The statement made by Ex-MLA regarding Bandipora -Sumbal road and other development projects of Bandipora Constituency are totally baseless & misleading. He said that, I raised this issue two years before in house and later project was handed over to the R&B.

Majid Said that, Ex-MLA is the first Ikhwani who surrendered in 1992 to BSF through one of the famous & Prominent Political leader of kashmir who is no more now. He was underground with me for two years and both of us spended lot of time in the house of one of the famous and Prominent Political leader of nowdays.

Majid said that, he was a dangerous Ikhwani and had Played vital role against militancy right from 1992 onwards in a sophisticated way. He was also the one of the infiltration incharge of JKLF in 1989 onwards and has send many innocent youth from Bandipora to PoK for armed and ammunation training & many of them got killed later on. Today he is totally frustrated, as  people of Bandipora have rejected him. He has lost his ground as well as image by appointing and Elevating his kith & kins in different departments through backdoor appointments. He is the man who was rejected by the people of Bandipora during 2014 Assembly elections because of his incompetence.

He said that Ex-MLA was stalling our vital projects of Bandipora with the help of Previous PDP- BJP Govt particularly his PDP ministers. But i am very thankful to our administration who helped and supported me every time everywhere for the development of Bandipora. Ex-MLA used to cry in front of  Ex Chief Minister and his party leaders not to develop Bandipora constituency but to ensure that no development should take place in Bandipora constituency so that the sitting MLA will be discredited. He is the man who has worked whole life for his Personal agenda rather than People agenda.

He said that Ex MLA has miserably failed during his term as a legeslator and stands totally exposed among the people of Bandipora. He is the man who is close to Sang right from 1977, as he himself publically claimed to be very close to Sang immediately after the defeat in 2014 assembly elections. He and his Party PDP is responsible for bringing RSS to Bandipora which People will realize in coming days.