JD (U) appeals SC to dismiss PILs filed against Art 35A

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By Fast Kashmir on 02/08/2018.

JD (U) appeals SC to dismiss PILs filed against Art 35A

Urges sane voices in and outside India to understand issue


SRINAGAR, Aug 2: Expressing concern over the Supreme Court which is hearing on petitions challenging Article 35A of the Indian constitution on August 6, the leaders and activists of Janta Dal (United) JD (U) led by its J&K State President G M Shaheen has appealed Supreme Court of India to dismiss the PILs filed against the Article 35A which gives special status to the state and keeping in view of the sentiments of people of Kashmir valley.


Shaheen while addressing the press conference at party headquarters Rajbagh Srinagar said, ‘People of Jammu Kashmir are very sensitive about such laws which protect their identity, so New Delhi must not allow anybody to play with the sentiments of the people living here. Article 35A is related to the State Subject Laws and once these laws are done away with it will be a disaster for the whole state the people of which can never afford.”


He further appealed the sane voices in and outside India to understand the issue and come forward so that Jammu Kashmir is saved and the political sentiments of the people living here are respected that are fully aware of one more serious assault launched against them by challenging article 35A in the Supreme Court.


“The consequences of attempts to tinker with the special status of the state in anyway have been well grasped by political parties across the spectrum, barring the BJP. There must be a united fight to oppose any kind of misadventure that can have dangerous fallout in Kashmir and would also appear undemocratic in view of the absence of an elected government in the state,” he maintained.


He also said, “We don’t allow anyone to play with the sentiments of the people of the Jammu and Kashmir. If any alteration is made in Article 35A or if Section 370 is abolished, then Government of India has to face serious consequences in future as far as present Kashmir unrest is concerned.”


“Unemployment has risen considerably, the deserving people have been ignored in respect of employment only blue eyes person have been adjusted through backdoor entries, even the development of areas has been diverted or stopped to settle political scores on the part of PDP-BJP thereby causing huge losses to funds released for development of the State,” he added.


He further said, “The previous regime of PDP-BJP has alienated the people due to the wrong policies adopted by them and blame them for the present prevailing situation in the state especially in valley and added that both PDP-BJP will pay price for exploiting people for the sake of power.”