Kashmir- Donate this Eid for Kerala Flood Victims & be a part of their Eid

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By Fast Kashmir on 22/08/2018.

Kashmir- Donate this Eid for Kerala Flood Victims & be a part of their Eid

Eid means happiness & joy but this time it means destruction & displacement to a part of humanity, let us set an example of Kashmiriyat


Srinagar, While millions of Muslims across the globe are celebrating Eid al-Adha, a beautiful & muslim majority state Kerala is struggling with devastating floods which has claimed hundreds of lives, lakhs of families displaced & still counting on the eve of Eid. Kerala has witnessed something that has never hapenned in its history. With most of the parts inundated in water, the roads, railways & airports are impassable. They have no food to eat, no clothes to wear & no shelter to live in as the dreadful floods have created havoc & destroyed whatever came into its way.

Eid ul Adha is considered as holier than the two eids & is known as sacrifice feast, as it is celebrated to honour the dedication and commitment of Hazrat Ibrahim (Alyhisalam) to sacrifice his son as an act of submission on God’s command. According to Islam, Hazrat Ibrahim(A.S) was ready to sacrifice his beloved son, but seeing his commitment, Allah intervened and, instead, asked him to sacrifice something less dear to him. It was then that Hazrat Ibrahim sacrificed an animal for Allah. In commemoration of this, every year on the day of Eid al-Adha an animal is sacrificed. The animal is not completely consumed by the family instead it is divided in three parts. One is shared by the family, the other is distributed among relatives and neighbours, and the third part is given to the poor. Eid emphasis on happiness & joy, both rich as well as poor should bbe happy. No one should be left hungry on the day of Eid but unfortunately there are hundreds of people in the parts of Kerala which are stuggling with the hunger of food & other essential commodities on the auspicious occasion of Eid. The whole world celebrates Eid & a particular part of humanity is in a grave distress. On the eve of Eid, rich as well as poor wear new clothes, spread love & happiness, hug each other but in Kerala the people do not want new clothes & else, they only want food & money for their lives. Everything has been destroyed for them, they have lost lives as well as homes. They are alive on relief funds, relief camps put by government & non government organisations. Eid ul Adha itself teaches us a lesson of commitment, humanity & brotherhood. If someone is calling for help, we all should come forward & help likewise Hazrat Ibrahim(AS) was willling to sacrifice his dear son in the way & commandment of Allah so when Allah itself says Helping poor & needy is the biggest sacrifice in Islam. At the time, when our donations will save hundreds of lives & uplift thousands, this is surely more than worth sacrificing a animal in the way of Allah.

Kashmir have tasted the same in 2014, whole Srinagar city was inundated into waters. We too lost lives & we too were displaced. We should understand & feel the pain. The devastating floods in Kashmir had claimed 150 lives and displaced hundreds of thousands of families. The people of the upper areas which were less affected by floods used to donate whatever possible & collect from door to door so as to help affected families. The relief camps were setup by Masjid bodies & volunteers at different places & on roads for the people who passed by at that hour of grief & sorrow. Shopkeepers used to keep open their shops on National Highway & give away commodities available to affected people. Besides providing help to its own people, it also helped & supported outsiders by different ways, some by giving them place in their homes & some by providing them food & money & relief. Flood claims what it has to claim & ends with destruction & devastation. It was Kashmir in 2014 & its Kerala in 2018. Its a unprecedented natural disaster & no one can stop it until it stops itself. At the time when this natural disaster was on Kashmir, Kerala helped us in many ways. They donated a lot of money for Kashmir floods & now the time has came when we need to repay. Humanity calls, Kerala needs our support & help at this hour of grief & sorrow.

Setting an example of humanity, two couples of Kerala which were going to marry have cancelled their marriages for the sake of Kerala floods. They donated all the money kept for marriage ceremony. After cancelling the marriage ceremony, they said that, “The decision comes on the back of the “extraordinary natural crisis” facing Kerala, and that the timing of the entire event seemed inappropriate when millions of their fellow state residents are suffering”.

In this hour of grief, sorrow & threat, we all should come forward & help them by donating even a penny from our pockets. If we are serious & concerned about the problems of others, we will find hundreds of trustworthy links available on Internet which collect donations for affected families of Kerala. The times dont remain the same, its only a matter of second to flip the coin.

Universities, colleges & schools can play an important role in the upliftment of flood affected families of Kerala. I was overwhelmed to see & hear that some people have started colecting donations for Kerala floods in Kashmir. A professor & a dear friend has started collecting donations from his college, when are you going to start.

Some politicians have also came forward & donated their salaries for the Kerala flood victims. Apart from these, some big as well as small employees have also donated some amount of money to Kerala cause.

Furthermore, some NGO’s based in Kashmir have also came forward for the Kerala cause. They are collecting & donating whatever possible to Kerala victims. I was amazed to see, that in some part of India, a rally was carried out with loudspeakers asking to donate whatever possible. I wish the people of Kashmir to come forward on the auspicious occasion of Eid which emphasis on happiness, joy & brotherhood. If not happiness & joy, lets bring for them a sigh of hope & relief on this Eid.

Meanwhile, when I was writing this piece, a message by PayTM flashed on my phone saying ” Contribute towards Kerala Flood Relief, Every contribution you make, PayTM will match rupee for rupee”. Now its more easier to donate, atleast a penny. Let us keep the flag of world famous “Kashmiriyat” high & be a part of their Eid. Last year on Eid ul Adha, a huge amount of 455 crores were withdrawn from ATMs across valley. This Eid humanity calls, withdraw only 70%. Send the other 30% to Kerala Relief Fund. Lets celebrate this Eid with Kerala Flood Victims. Lets wake our consiousness & make it a Eid for Keralities also.

Feel again the pain & destruction once felt O’ Kashmiris

It was Kashmir in 2014 & It is Kerala in 2018….!!

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