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By Fast Kashmir on 13/08/2018.

Fozia Majeed

Srinagar, Aug 11: Woman is considered the most multitalented person on earth she plays multiple roles in family. No one can ignore the role of women in their families whether it is a mother, sister, wife or a daughter. From the day one of her birth she start proving her worth to the world, society and the most important to her own parents who give her birth.

Doing everything possible what she can do for others who are always on the opposite side and demoralizing her. These negative atmospheres which a woman faces all the time make her to think strong about her empowerment. Women empowerment is very much important for the betterment of society because without giving better and good environment to our ladies no society can think of a good society .The cruel thinking of our society which they creates under the gender discrimination a boy is better than a girl makes her more strong towards her decisions to become an empowered women. She never always wants a luxurious life but a right to a free life and respected life.

 Society forces a women to serve good both at home and at work place .A  man find disrespected while doing the daily chores or any kind of work at home but women do it and with all her best. Why a women need to make herself empowered ?Because  when a father says my son will become a doctor and made me proud then her daughter starts pressurizing herself and  work hard to become a doctor so that she can prove herself successful in front of her father and he proudly can say the same words for a daughter too. To make the efforts leading to modernization of any society successful, it is urgent to bring the women in the mainstream of development .We need to create a perfect balance between men and women by providing equal opportunities.

Comprising almost half of the world’s population women still are deprived of their rights in most of the so called developing countries across the globe. When a women can decide best for her own home and family then why not she invite in active participation of decision making process and in planning and implementation of development programs also. But before doing something big she first fights for her education which is her right.

Without a proper and adequate education, women cannot become empowered fully. Empowered women act as a powerful tool against women exploitation harassments and other violence’s. Not only urban but rural women have all these rights too. Empowerment made them able to lead their lives with dignity, freedom and self-esteem. Empowered women are more confident .Women are highly creative and intelligent and their participation in making a better society is important, which means more happiness in the families and their workplaces. (KNB)